Day 26: Up in the Air

Most of today is going to be spent up in the air. By the time I get to Bonn, it should be tomorrow for Singapore. 

Here's today's outfit:
Jeans from Mango
Pink top from Uniqlo
Purple ombre scarf from my mom's closet
Black ballet flats
Comfort reigns in my book. So if I'm going to be stuck in a small seat for over 12 hours. I better be wearing comfy clothes. Something that lets me move around easily in and that keeps me warm in the cold and dry airplane air. 

See u guys in 17 days! Take care!


Day 25: Sew Happy: Button Up Top

Here's today's outfit:
White sleeveless button up top from Gan Ann's sewing room
Blue pleated skirt from a flea market

I'm surprised at how hard it is to find simple well made clothes at reasonable prices. It seems clothes with bells and whistles are so much easier to find and cheaper too. Can anyone explain this to me?

Anyway, I was finding it really hard to find a simple white button up that fit well and was not exorbitantly priced. Realizing my search was futile, I decided to sew one with the help of my sewing teacher last year. I was so pleased with the result, I made another one in pink. Unfortunately, the material I used for the pink shirt shrank after washing :( lesson learnt: wash your fabrics before sewing. Prevents such painful outcomes. Looking back, I appreciate how my sewing teacher made use learn the basic of drawing a pattern, then allowed each one of us to make whatever we felt like making. So we all ended up with stuff we actually would wear. I may have liked home economics a little more in secondary school if we sewed something I would actually wear instead of the hideous vest.  


Day 23 and 24: Preparing for War

It has been one of those weeks where I blinked and several days have passed. So I'm gonna have to put 2 outfits in one post. Mr Kwek also pointed out that both outfits look similar. Eeks!

Day 23 outfit: 
Black esprit top- a hand me down
Grey pants from bysi
Power leather heels from Itti and Otto

Day 24 outfit:
Black top from Chinatown
Brown skirt from Mexx. I love the pleated details on the back of the skirt!
Brown leather shoes 

Where did all my time go to this week? Mostly to preparations for my work trip where I'll be away for 17 days. I've spent my work days reading all the different documents, and my evenings trying to pack and put all other things in order such as getting my hair cut and paying my bills. Every time I go for one of these trips, I feel like I'm preparing for war. Yes, I get overly dramatic at times. But only just a little. 

Recently, I've found that going on these extended work trips are becoming increasingly difficult. Especially after I got married. I can only imagine the sacrifices of those who travel more frequently and/or have have kids waiting for them at home. Tough. 

On a lighter note, I'm hoping I packed a sufficient variety of clothes so that I can keep up my different outfit everyday challenge. Hope you guys are having a good week so far.


Day 22: Conversations

I happened to talk to 2 ladies originally from China today. One was a cleaner in my office, and the other, a facial therapist.
Both have lived and worked in singapore for many years and built lives for themselves here. One even had obtained citizenship and had 2 children here.
Both spoke of the difficulties faced in moving to a different land seeking better opportunities and lives for their families. Limitations in job prospects, high cost of living, language difficulties.
And just like anyone who has lived overseas, they spoke of missing food from home.
I really enjoy such conversations with people from totally different backgrounds from me. I always go away with a sense of how incredibly different we are and yet we are all the same. Reminds of the time I was talking to a lady from Lebanon, a man from Ghana and a man from Vietnam, and how we all knew Gangnam style :) but that's another story for another time.

Today's outfit has nothing to do with these conversations but here it is:
Black cardigan worn over a black n white dress from Bangkok


Weekly Round Up- 3 Weeks!

It has been 3 weeks since I started this Different Outfit Everyday challenge on this blog. Here's the weekly roundup.

As I approach the 1 month mark of this challenge, I'm fast running out of my outfit staples. I'm going to have to start mixing it up and trying new combinations. Seeing as I usually wear a simple work dress everyday, I need ideas on how to make these work dresses look like different outfits. Suggestions anyone? 0 comments

Day 14: The Weekly Round Up

Today's outfit is simple. A purple dress I got from a flea market.

And here's the weekly round up:

It has been 14 days since this Different Outfit Everyday challenge started. Here are some of my observations so far:

1. I'm no fashionista. My wardrobe consists mainly of simple dresses and a few other basic pieces. I don't even accessorize beyond earrings. 
2. I'm no model. Posing for my daily outfit photos have been my least favorite part of this challenge. I always feel a little awkward standing in front of the camera.
3. My style has not changed for many years. I still wear some clothes that I wore when I was 16.
4. I have more than enough. I am greatly blessed to have so much.

I was at EXPO today to check out a home furnishing fair and the Robinsons sale was happening at the hall next door, so I trotted in to check it out. Temptations were everywhere! There were several good quality dresses going for cheap. But as I contemplated bringing them to the cashier, I thought of the many other clothes that I still had back home. Then I realized, I have more than enough. Since i would have been willing to spend that money on dresses i didn't need, i thought of what else the money could go to. And I remembered the lesson we learnt at church today about remembering the poor. So that's what I will do in the week ahead: remembering the poor in practical ways with the money I would have spent.

This challenge is doing me some good after all.

I hope we all try to bless others this week, just as we have been abundantly blessed :)


Day 20: The Kurta

When Mr Kwek and I were still in university we decided to take on Summer internships overseas. I trooped off to China, while he ventured into India.

We were both blessed with meeting awesome people that summer. 

I had a major housing crisis in China, and several people amazingly opened their houses to me, without even knowing me. They heard someone had no place to stay, and they swung their doors open wide to me and took me in like a little sister. 

Mr Kwek on the other hand met a great boss while in India who took him out and treated him like family. Several years later, when Mr Kwek was back in India for a work trip, he met up with this boss again. This time, his boss even bought a gift for him to bring back to me. And I have never met him before. That gift is what I decided to wear today- my kurta.
God's provision and the kindness of these people are truly amazing.

Today's outfit:
Kurta top, a gift from India
Denim shorts I have owned since secondary school
Weekend sandals from Bata


Day 21: The Wedding Inspiration

Those who attended our wedding in August last year would have remembered that it was a green wedding. Everything from our invitation cards, decorations, desserts and even my bouquet was a lovely apple green. We also tried to make it "green" in the sense of having little waste. Everything could either be recycled, reused, or brought home by the guests.
Many people thought the theme for our wedding had something to do with my climate change job, but well, not really. It was actually inspired by my dress, which was today's outfit. And of course it was because apple green is my favourite colour and I don't like waste.
Here's today's outfit:
Green and white dress from a flea market.

For those who were unable to be there, here are some pictures of the lovely green items at our wedding.
We are deeply grateful to our awesome friends who managed to put all this together. 

Have a green week everyone :)

Bad Hair Day

With some time to kill at NEX shopping mall today, I decided to pop into the Sunsilk pop up salon for their 5min hair makeover.

It wasn't the best idea I've had. I think it wasn't the best idea Sunsilk had either.

Firstly, it was not 5 mins. I waited for about 20min for my turn and sat in the chair for at least another 15. The stylist seemed to be working in slow motion as she cleaned her hands with wet wipes after each time she applied mouse on my hair.

Secondly, she did not seem to know what to do as she stared at my hair for a pretty long time, then clipped sections up, then took out the clips and stared again. In the end i had to give her suggestions on what to do with my hair. I also kinda feel for Sunsilk as the stylist did not tell me anything about the products and in fact, the most used product was not a Sunsilk product.

Thirdly, the space was tight and warm so it did not make for a very comfortable experience.

Finally, the outcome was not pretty. The curls were clumped together in really odd angles. And I think it aged me drastically.

Now dear Sunsilk, pop up stores are all the rage right now. It may have been a good idea, but the execution was poor. I'm actually using your shampoo now, but this experience may just have turned me off. Try harder next time?


Day 19: Retreat!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good long weekend!

I spent my day at the Young Adults Retreat today which was on the topic of Your Word I Have Hidden in My Heart. I was most encouraged by the verse in Hebrews which states "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord : I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."(Hebrews 8:10) The thought of God Himself writing upon my heart was WOW! I'll share more about my reflections of the retreat at a later date.

Retreat also means we spend a whole day mostly cooped up in the sanctuary which has a fantastic aircon system. So I was all prepared for the cold. On top of my 3/4 sleeved top, I brought a jacket AND a shawl. 

Today's outfit: 
Brown top from Topshop
Denim shorts which was a hand-me-down
White loafers from Scotland


Day 18: Sew Happy

It's a public holiday in Singapore on Friday, so my casual Friday Sew Happy segment is moved to Thursday instead.

I love public holidays. My weekdays are usually packed with work and other commitments, while weekends are packed with church commitments. So public holidays are the only time I have to spend doing other things. Like hanging out at home. It's surprising how little time i get to spend at home. However, this public holiday, I'm choosing to spend it at church for the Young Adults Retreat. The theme is: Your Word I Have Hidden in My Heart. The retreat started tonight, and it will be on till Saturday. So blogging may take a back seat to learning from God's word. We'll see how it goes.

The dress from today's outfit was the first dress that I made without the help of my sewing teacher. Lot's of trial and error went into putting it together, and if you look at it up close, it becomes quite obvious. I love it anyway. I just think of the flaws as the dress being "bespoke" :)

Today's outfit:
Printed blue dress from Gan Ann's sewing room
Leather belt from my mom
White lace ballet flats that I bought for my wedding photoshoot
Leather bag that my brother bought for me from Italy

Have a good long weekend everyone! May we all use the extra time to be refreshed. 

Day 17: old school biscuits

I remember going to the market as a child and going to a shop with rows of large tins filled with various biscuits. I was often allowed to choose a biscuit that I wanted, and the old aunty would pry the tin open with a metal spoon and fish out the amount I wanted. Most of the time, I would choose the little gem biscuits with colourful icing on top. I also grew to love the wafer biscuits and durian biscuits. I never did try the other 90% of the biscuits though.

The biscuit shop sold coffee powder as well and it would always smell like freshly ground coffee. The connection between biscuits and coffee power has eluded me to this day.

I don't remember when I stopped going to the shop, or if I had stopped going because the shop had closed. I don't even remember which neighbourhood market this memory came from. But remains a fond memory from my childhood.

So it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a biscuit shop today (Sin Tien Lin Trading Blk 87 Whampoa Drive #01-879). For old times sake, I bought a packet of durian biscuits which I haven't had in years. The friendly and chatty aunty was so kind to let us take photos as she recognised that there were not many of such shops around any more. She said I should ask my friends to visit her shop too, so I told her I would help her advertise about her shop on the internet. She looked very pleased at that :) So if you decide to head down, tell her you read about her on the internet. Please also help me say hi to her for me!
Sin Tien Lin Trading Blk 87 Whampoa Drive #01-879

Happy with my purchase
Today's out fit:
Purple button up dress from a shop in Far East
Belt that came free with a pair of pants
My most comfortable shoes :) You can't see in the picture, but it has tiny orange hearts on them

Day 16: Reading Class for 5 year olds

I take about 1.5hrs to get from my office to Teban Gardens for my reading class (if i cant get a ride), and a little over an hour to get home after. I take the class for just an hour.
In that hour the 5year olds cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes and oscillate between fighting for attention and disappearing into their dream world.
So what keeps me doing this crazy thing week after week?
It is the amazement at God's work of creation and His sovereign plan for each one of the children as I see them learn and develop.
It is the joy in being given the privilege of being part of this work that God is doing in their lives.
It is the recognition that I've been blessed beyond measure and the hope that they will come to know His love as well.
It is the grace of God alone.

I do this once a week for just an hour. But teachers do this everyday, plus marking, extra classes, admin work, co-curricular activities, counseling, the list goes on. You guys are amazing, and I hope that in the midst of it all, you do not lose sight of the bigger picture of God's perfect plan for each one (you included).

This is a horrible pic of me, but it shows the kids and their various stages of attention perfectly. Today's outfit is a purple tank top from years ago and a hand-me-down pleated black skirt.  0 comments

Day 15: Dress Shopping

With the best friend's wedding coming up at the end of the year, we went bridesmaids dress shopping today!

I was all prepared with my outfit:
Simple slip on grey shift dress (I have many grey shift dresses) Super easy to slip in and out of in fitting rooms
Sunset shawl for a pop of colour
Black leather heels to test the length of dresses

I was so happy to hear all about the wedding plans too. It's gonna be a beautiful and fun wedding. Can't wait.

To the best friend, I'm glad God has brought the two of you together :)


Day 13: The Pop-Up Dinner

The 1st Kwek Kampong Pop Up Dinner was a success! (If I may unabashedly declare so myself)
The concept of my pop up dinner is simple. I let all my friends know on Facebook that I'm hosting a dinner on a certain day and the first few people who respond get invited. And they are allowed to bring 1 friend each. 
Today's dinner was a lovely time of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. All over a bubbling steamboat. Even in the sweltering heat of Singapore, I love having steamboat. It's healthy since there's no oil, salt or preservatives added. It's interactive as everyone sits around the pot talking and cooking our food together. And for a pot that essentially just boils everything, it's immensely yummy. 
Thanks for coming guys! And for so sweetly doing all the washing up. For those who missed it, there will be another one popping up again in the future :) Keep a lookout on Facebook or this blog.

Today's outfit had the pop up dinner in mind:
Pink dress from Dubai. This is my current favorite dress, and it is brilliant! The spaghetti straps are perfect for singapore's weather. The sweetheart neckline fits perfectly, so it's not too revealing. It is fitted at the waist and explodes into a flare skirt which hides any tummy from over-eating. And it has pockets! 
White loafers from Edinburgh 
Polka dotted bag, a Christmas gift
Happy weekend everyone!


Don't be a Stranger

This week, my path crossed with some people I used to know. Some former colleagues and old schoolmates. Some of them were people I used to call friends, but our paths somehow diverged as we each wandered into our own forests of life.

Each chance meeting brought back memories of the experiences shared. The long dreary days at school, the commiseration at work and bosses, the talks filled with our youthful dreams, the salt water in our hair and sun on our cheeks.

The brief chats in the moments out paths met again were precious, seeing how lives have changed since the last intersection, and leaving me with thoughts of where your paths may have brought you. 

I hope it's not too long before we meet again. And maybe next time, it wont just be an intersection.

And if our paths have crossed at some point in time, if even for a moment. And you remember that time with fondness. Well, don't be a stranger.

Day 12: casual Friday- sew happy!

The wrap dress is supposed to be the universally flattering dress. A Diane von Furstenberg is way out of my price range and I didn't like the lycra or garish prints on the cheaper options. So I sewed one for myself.
The blue and white printed cotton, that I had bought in China awhile back was the perfect material.
I must warn you that the wrap dress is one of the most difficult things I have attempted. It is not for the beginner seamstress. As it is cut on the bias and my soft cotton seemed to expand continually! Thankfully I had a sewing teacher with a wealth of experience who saved my dress. Today's outfit is the end product. 

White and blue printed wrap dress from Gan Ann's sewing room
Dark blue ballet flats from Bata

Notice how everybody is glued to their mobile phones on the train nowadays? 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! I'm super excited about the 1st Kwek Kampong pop up dinner on Saturday. I've been wanting to have steamboat for the longest time. Let me know if you want to pop by too :)

Day 11: slow day

When it rains, everyone lingers a little longer in bed, drives a little more carefully, walks a little slower, gets to work a little later and all our work engines just take a little longer to rev up.
Today was one of those days. We woke up to a downpour, perfect for sleeping in, and it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day.
Work wasn't its usual frantic mess and my day ended with a slow stroll around the beautiful Marina Bay with Mr Kwek. We should have more days like this.

Today's outfit: 
Black button up dress- a hand-me-down from my mom
Magenta belt that came free with a different dress
Today's outfit was essentially free! I like free stuff!

Day 10: The Little Nonya

I've always had a fascination with traditional clothes. I loved the special days in school and Oldham Hall where we were encouraged to wear them in celebration of the different cultures.
I even wore a sari to my Junior College prom. Thanks to that, I do not look back at my photos and wonder "what was I thinking?!" That's the beauty of traditional clothes. They not only bring back the nostalgia of a lost era, but also remain timelessly fashionable. Today, I own several cheongsams, a sari, a kebaya, and several batik pieces. I mostly only take them out during special occasions like weddings and the lunar new year. But today as I thought about how to jazz up my plain charcoal shift dress, an idea struck me. Mix it up with a kebaya top! Why didn't I think of that any sooner? So here it is:
Kebaya top from a stall at Chinatown
Charcoal shift dress from City Plaza
Purple suede shoes from Berlin

Thank God today was a much better day than the last few days :) I was not angsty at all today!

Day 9: the suit

I was involved in a meeting between a Deputy Prime Minister and a Former President today. Hence the suit for today's outfit:
Blazer from Bangkok
Pants from G2000
Red knitted top from tangs many years ago
Power heels (which are unbelievably comfy) from itti &otto
The meeting brought back many memories of my MFA days which were bittersweet. Unfortunately, today also brought many frustrations which left me rather angsty.
Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

I was reading this passage in the morning and the words seemed to resound with my heart. I will cling to my help and my deliverer. 

Make haste, O God, to deliver me! 
Make haste to help me, O Lord ! 
Let them be ashamed and confounded 
Who seek my life; 
Let them be turned back and confused 
Who desire my hurt. 
Let them be turned back because of their shame, 
Who say, “Aha, aha!” 
Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; 
And let those who love Your salvation say continually, “Let God be magnified!” 
But I am poor and needy; 
Make haste to me, O God! 
You are my help and my deliverer; 
O Lord, do not delay. (Psalms 70:1-5 NKJV)

Day 8: No nonsense Monday

Plain brown shift dress from a flea market to start off the busy week. Non nonsense, no frills. That's how I get through a tough Monday. Keep your head down and keep going. Who ever told you the civil service is a 9-5 job was lying! I was even balancing my laptop on one hand and trying to type with the other while standing in the mrt. Too bad I was alone. Would have made for a pretty cool outfit photo.

Watch this space, for the power suit tomorrow. 

I LOVE my swing

What do you think?

I use Bloglovin  to follow the blogs I read regularly. It's a great platform that shows me the latests posts of all the blogs that I follow without me actually going to each blog. Brilliant!

So I was looking for other Singapore lifestyle blogs to read, and I did a simple search on Bloglovin. The list that came out was pretty interesting. The blogs were mainly food blogs and fashion blogs. Really shows the preoccupation of Singaporeans- eating and shopping! 

Let me know what are the blogs that you guys read, especially the Singapore ones. And follow me on bloglovin as well! Just hit the button on the right :)

Have a good week ahead!

Here's a thought for the week. What do you think? I need some convincing.


Day 7: Mother's Day Special

Happy Mother's Day!

To the lady whose faith has allowed her to trust in the Lord in the toughest of times, whose prayers have upheld my family through the years, who brought us up in light of eternity, who pointed us to Christ, and exemplified His love to us. My mom is the Proverbs 31 woman that I hope to be. 
"Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of kindness. She watches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her" (Proverbs 31:25-28 NKJV)

Isn't my mom beautiful? She's the one I credit for my non-fat genes :) and see similarities in our clothing style? Leather bags, sleeveless tops and almost accessory-free. I'm turning out to be a carbon copy. 
Today's outfit is one of my favorite printed dresses from Tangs, my leather bag from sungei road thieves market, and comfy shoes from Thailand.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: (Ephesians 6:1, 2 NKJV)
May we all learn to honor our parents. 

Weekly Roundup: Week 1

It's been a great week of discovering my wardrobe.
Here's a round up of the outfits this week.
As we begin this new work week, I expect it to be a rather tough one. So I am praying for wisdom in all that I do, grace in the way I act, joy in my heart from the everlasting source.


Day 6: Jump for Joy! It's the weekend!

Everyone loves weekends. Weekends are usually quite busy for me with church activities, meeting up with friends, and for the last few months, mr kwek and I were relentlessly viewing houses. Now that the house hunt is done, I was very happy to have a Saturday morning with no commitments to meet. It was just me, 2 leftover slices of Extra Virgin pizza, a cup of milk and Pinterest. What privilege.
I headed out in the afternoon, and my outfit for the day was prepared for the day's activities of going to the library (hence the backpack), checking out Rokeby, and going for a housewarming party.

Here's today's simple Saturday outfit:
Striped dress from China
Black canvas backpack from TK Maxx in Germany (I'm a fan of TK Maxx but I'll write about that another time)
My favorite weekend sandals from Bata

Jump for joy! It's the weekend!
I love this pic. Credit to Mr Kwek for getting it in just 1 shot.



I recently deleted Candy Crush from my phone. Now on my hour long train rides home, I read books. And I've recently taken to reading books with rich cultural/historical context as they have opened my eyes to the vast differences in the lives of people around the world and how my horizons have been so small all this time.
The latest book that had me captivated was The Attack by Yasmina Khadra. Set in Israel/Palestine, it is a story of a doctor in Israel whose life is torn apart when his wife is killed in a terrorist attack and is identified as the suicide bomber. His journey of coming to terms with this personal tragedy is woven into the rich cultural, political and historical landscape of the land. Beautiful.


Day 5: Casual Friday- Sew Happy!

How you get clothes that no one else has? Sew it yourself of course!
About 2 years ago, I took some dressmaking classes at a community centre which taught me the basics of sewing, and I've been sewing some of my own clothes ever since. People often ask me why I don't make clothes for sale. Simply because sewing is hard work. Or at least i haven't reached the Project Runway standard of whipping up several runway worth pieces in a day. So for now, I am content with sewing one off pieces for myself:)

Here is today's outfit:
Skirt from Gan Ann's sewing room
Basic white tank top and salmon pink cardigan 
Leather belt a hand-me-down from my mom
Grey ballet flats from Bangkok 
Brown leather bag from sungei road thieves market 
I almost never buy skirts anymore, unless they are part of a work suit, as skirts are the easiest things to sew! Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial for the skirt from today's outfit. 

Incidentally, the newspaper today carried a story on how sewing is coming back in vogue among the young. Check out the Life! section. They have also listed some classes that you can take. 

The weekend is finally here! Happy weekend everyone! 


Day 4: A stained white shirt...

I seldom wear work shirts. That's because I find my dresses much more comfy and easy to wear. So my white work shirt floundered in my wardrobe for the longest time. When I finally decided to take it out for a spin, I found that it had developed an awful stain on a sleeve from all the months of neglect. So what's a girl to do? Simple. Chop the offending part off, hem it up, and *tadaaa* brand new 3/4 sleeved shirt! No waste!

So here's today's outfit: 

White 3/4 shirt a hand-me-down from years ago
Grey pencil skirt from a flea market
Sunset scarf, a Christmas gift
Black leather shoes from Tangs

My iPhone 3GS camera quality is embarrassing.... Please excuse it until I get around to getting a new phone/camera.

Watch out for the first Casual Friday post tomorrow :) I'm so looking forward to the weekend! Hope u all have lovely plans lined up.

Day 3: hand-me-downs

Hand-me-downs are stuff that others have no need for anymore that have been passed down to me.
I have never had an issue with wearing hand-me-downs. Why create more waste in the world? Plus it's easy on the wallet. :)
I guess this was instilled in my from a young age. Growing up, I used to get many hand-me-downs from family and my parent's friends who had kids a little older than me. They never seemed any different from the stuff I got straight from the store.
Till today, some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are hand-me-downs. Today's outfit is made up of them:
Printed blue dress from a former colleague
Braided Cream scarf which used to belong to my mom
Silver flats (which weren't caught in the pic) from a sales rack in Berlin (only 3euros!)


Day 2

My Tuesday outfits are usually among the most thought through outfits of the week. That's because after work on Tuesdays, I teach a bunch of 5 year olds how to read. So anything that is short, tight or low cut is out of the question as I will b sitting on the floor and jumping around with them. At the same time, whatever I wear must be office appropriate.

So here's what I wore today:

Black print dress from tangs
Black faux leather belt
Black suede shoes from Bangkok
Black leather bag from my mom

I usually favor more colours in my outfits, but today's was chosen much more for its functionality.


Different outfit everyday

I'm reviving my blog with a challenge.

2 days ago, one of my friends made a comment. "Gan Ann, all your clothes look the same". Yesterday, another friend told me about this challenge to wear a different outfit everyday.

So I'm taking up the challenge. We'll talk about the rules along the way. Let's start with my outfit from yesterday. One of my favorite green outfits:

Green shift dress from bysi
Green confy shoes from scholl
Black leather bag from saatchi

Let's see how long I keep this up for :)