I've been inspired by onehourcraft, and I'm gonna try some crafting this long weekend. Thinking of making a Christmas Wreath for my home. I have to go dig out all the crafting odds and ends that I have stashed away. Looks like it's gonna be a good weekend! 0 comments

Whizz through the Weekend

Since Dr Chua was back in Singapore, we took a trip down memory lane to the old SCGS building and managed to take some shots at the place where we used to sit and wait for our parents after school.
Saturday's Souther Ridges plan became a baking session as the weather was just too hot. The buns turned out better than our last baking attempt :)

Then, I was off for the food race around Singapore! I had lots of fun driving around Singapore to track down the best food stalls.

The winning team!

Pastor Mark as the navigator and entertainment

Germ and I figured out the clues and took photos of the places

and Lianya was the driver



Since one of the items on my Christmas wish list this year is a Polaroid Camera, I decided to go online and check if I could find any programmes that could make my regular digital photos look like Polaroids. There are in fact quite a few! But my favourite is the Poladroid. After downloading the programme, the Poladroid shows up as a cool Polaroid camera image and all you have to do is drag and drop your picture of choice.
Just like a real Polaroid photo, the picture first appears as a yellowish-brown mess. But wait several minutes and you have a beautiful polaroid image. I love it! 0 comments

Whizz through the weekend

I had an eventful weekend. I rushed home from work on Friday to try a cinnamon bun recipe that I found online. Despite being hopeless at reading the very simple instructions (I actually forgot to add the eggs and I let the dough rise before rolling it out and adding the cinnamon filling) and not having the proper tool (my house was devoid of a rolling pin), I must say the buns turned out quite well. very pleased with myself :)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my family and I headed off to the ACS carnival, since my brother had to absorb $200 worth of tickets.

There were cool carnival rides, great food (my brother queued up for half an hour to buy $10 wagyu beef burgers), popcorn and candy floss and interesting stuff to buy, like homemade jam. Since it was a fund-raising event, everything was really expensive.

After lunch with Miss Yang and Chris, I was off to my first Christmas party this year! I didn't bring my camera though, so I'll have to wait till others upload their photos. Moses' church was all dressed up in its Christmas best to celebrate God's grace throughout the year.

I was excited to go to church on Sunday, as I was going to help out with Sunday School for the toddlers. I love the toddlers, how can anyone not love these adorable young ones?

Hope you guys had a good weekend too!

Casual Poet

The Casual Poet is a lovely little cafe on the third floor of a shophouse in Chinatown. One of my friends introduced me to this place. We climbed the dodgy looking stairs to find this wonderful creative space. I wanted to own such a place of my own.
Sadly, I heard that as of 22 November, the place is closing. Everyone should go down and bid the Casual Poet goodbye...


Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day!Have you shown a little kindness to someone today?

I woke up really early this morning to the sound of the rain outside my window. I love waking up to rain.

In the early morning light, I had a flash of brilliance for my office gift exchange. As I am quite adverse to receiving awful photoframes or mugs recycled from 5 Christmas gift exchanges ago, I decided it will be a not-so-secret-Santa concept this year. Everyone will put up a Christmas wishlist, with stuff they want. Then we will draw names from a hat and buy things specifically for that person. So there is no stress in guessing what the other person wants, and we all get stuff that we are happy with. At the same time, we get to know our colleagues better!

Everyone is telling me that it's waaaaay too early to start all these Christmas stuff, but I'm in the Christmas spirit already. :) 0 comments

Mid-week Madness

We had the November Bidrthday Celebration at work yesterday. As usual, it was meant to be a surprise. But when you are called to the meeting room when you were not expecting a meeting, AND it's your birthday month, everyone knows what is happening. We had a good time anyway.

The birthday babies!

Trying their best to look shocked as they came in.

Everyone giving their best "surprised" expression.

Taking the cue from Orchard Road, I convinced my colleagues that we should put up our Christmas tree as well. It was fun putting up the tree, but I don't think it will be that much fun taking it down. I'll put up pictures of our tree soon!

Looking forward to German dinner tonight.

Paper Cutting!

Today's featured blog is Scherenschnitte, by Cindy from Utah. She designs lovely paper cuttings and even has free paper cutting templates that you can download ans use! Who doesn't love free stuff, especially when it is so pretty! I wish I had that skill and talent.

On a note related to the paper cutting above, I need a bike. I usually take the bus to and from work, but with the waiting time, it takes me more than 30 minutes. I tried walking home from work yesterday. (yes, i made it!) It took me 1hour and 7minutes. So I figure that if I rode a bike, it would take me about the same amount of time as riding a bus, but I can pack in some exercise! Now all I need is a bike. Anyone know where I can find a cheap (but still safe) second hand bike?


Weekend- My Favourite Part of the Week

I had a lovely weekend. Did you?

My weekends start on Fridays, when the work day just flies by and the atmosphere in the office seems lighter and happier. Then I rush off after work for Church cell group, which is always an uplifting time. I thank God for the great group of beautiful ladies who have been great sounding boards and sources of encouragement.

Saturdays and Sundays are days where I do all the things I want to do. Sleep being a high priority. And meeting all the people I miss during the hectic work week, especially the boy
 to my left in the photo. There was Ravi's birthday party this weekend. I'm happy Moses went down with me and got to meet all the people I work with everyday. This Sunday was great too, with boardgames with the Young Adults at Edwin's and a quick dinner and catch-up with the best friend. I'm looking forward to the next weekend already! We are going to a Christmas party!


Friday I'm In Love!

Just got back from lunch with the Friday lunch-club formerly known as Thursday lunch-club.
Had a great meal at Olio Dome at Dempsy. I have come to realize, that like many of my fellow countrymen, half my blog posts revolve around food. I guess that's why eating and shopping are our national pastimes.

Anyway, I chanced upon Tom Robinson's site today. Tom takes photos of his and his girlfriend's feet as they travel the world. I wish I had that luxury. Don't the photos make you want to take off on an adventure too?

Feet in New Zealand

Foot Massage in Thailand

My favourite and dream destination, Machu Pichu, Peru

I'm hoping to do something crafty this weekend. Any suggestions?
I also want to get some colour pencils and markers so I can get started on a project.

Hope you guys have a good weekend! 0 comments

Feeling the Heat

I'm feeling the heat at work now, with the UNGA stuff coming in. BUT, I still took the time out last night to eat drink and be meery with the Oldham people. We had a great crab dinner, following by a durian feast, where we learnt to shake the durians to see of they were good or not.

aunty susan took us to the top floor of a nearby HDB block to enjoy a view of the city at night.

tucking in to the awesome seafood dinner!

Week In Review

Here's some snapshots of my week in review

took a cab home after a late night at work and i somehow got myself a taxi driver who really needed a toilet. so i had to sit in the cab at a petrol kiosk. i dont think such things happen anywhere else in the world. i could very well have driven the taxi off!

i love recieving mail in these envelopes. un-twirling the strings make me happy.
went shopping with Neh at City Plaza (near Paya Lebar MRT) on Sat afternoon. and we did get some good buys. she got a nice toga dress (at a great price) at this lovely shop which was only 2 weeks old, while I dug through racks and racks of dresses and found a perfect black, knee length work dress for $42. If you are in the mood for digging for some great finds, you should try out City Plaza. There are shops there catering to all audiences. Although the stalls there are catered towards wholesale, they are happy to sell single items and they still give reasonable prices. The place totally reminded me of the pi fa shi chang in China, with the shops chock full of all sorts of clothes.

I tried playing squash for the first time in my life. i really dont think im cut out to play racquet games...

And, to round up the week, there was Del's attempt to win a car. Through the scorching sun and the crazy thunderstom, she stood her ground with her hand on the car. Del always amazes me.

and it's back to work tomorrow. I hope it will be a good week!