Weekend- My Favourite Part of the Week

I had a lovely weekend. Did you?

My weekends start on Fridays, when the work day just flies by and the atmosphere in the office seems lighter and happier. Then I rush off after work for Church cell group, which is always an uplifting time. I thank God for the great group of beautiful ladies who have been great sounding boards and sources of encouragement.

Saturdays and Sundays are days where I do all the things I want to do. Sleep being a high priority. And meeting all the people I miss during the hectic work week, especially the boy
 to my left in the photo. There was Ravi's birthday party this weekend. I'm happy Moses went down with me and got to meet all the people I work with everyday. This Sunday was great too, with boardgames with the Young Adults at Edwin's and a quick dinner and catch-up with the best friend. I'm looking forward to the next weekend already! We are going to a Christmas party!

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