Kweky Bear came along for my work trip to Paris.
Looks like he had a lovely time.

At the Eiffel Tower
In front of Notre Dame
In the nooks and crannies of Shakespere and Co.

Having awesome mussels
 Along the Champs Elysees, in front of the Arc de Triomphe
 At the Moulin Rouge
 Admiring the traditional French Architecture
 Shaking hands with the man stuck in the wall for good luck
 At the Basilique du Sacre Coeur (White Church)
 Waiting for the metro
 On the metro
... and with the very useful map of Paris.

I'm off

Hey guys, I'm off to Paris! It has been almost exactly a year since I was last there.
Looking forward to the perfect fall weather.
It's times like these that I like my job. Hopefully everything runs well for this trip. See u guys when I get back!

P.s. The airport is surprisingly crowded for a Saturday night. I guess this means the economy is picking up? BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


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It all began when  won the IKEA My Catalog Cover Contest. My family and I had to go down to Ikea Tampines to take our covershot for our very own Ikea catalog with our faces on the cover. Immensely exciting, slightly embarassing :)
Since I was in the neighbourhood, I met up with the lovely Ms Cher. The only good friend I have who loves her toy cameras as much as I love mine.
We headed to Bedok Reservoir to test out my new holga, and I found what I had been looking for a long time- playground with a swing AND a see-saw!!!! just when I thought my island nation was devoid of these good old fashioned playground equipment, my faith has been restored!
I had the loveliest time!
Spent the evening at marina barrage where it was raining ants. I'm not kidding...

Selamat Hari Raya

Hello Friends, it has been awhile.
How was your long weekend?
Sadly, I spent a large part of my long weekend in the office, but there was a lighter side too.
My family came across this nifty invention while shopping. It was an all in one instant grill (ONLY $2.90!!!). Theoretically, all we had to do was light a match and the BBQ would start on its own. "What a wonderful idea", we thought. Well, things didn't quite go as planned. While the fire starters smoked up my whole house, the charcoals never caught fire.
I ended up chucking the whole lot of BBQ food in my trusted oven. Moral of the story, never buy highly discounted BBQ kits.

I also went to Sungei Buloh nature reserve on Friday with Mr Kwek and his friends. It wasn't the best of days as the downpour started just as we got there. But thankfully, it stopped after awhile.
A friend's friend was a volunteer guide so the trip was rather enlightening. If we had made the trip on our own, all the birds would either be brown birds or white birds, but our guide could tell a brown bird from the other just by its flight pattern. Amazing.
We were looking for crocs all day, but didnt find any. Although we spotted a bunch of otters playing around in the shallow water. I never knew we had such animals in the wild in Singapore
Riding my bike gives me a sense of empowerment and freedom. I absolutely love it!

Quarter Century Old

As you all know, I celebrated my birthday on Aug 22. I am now a quarter of a century old.
There was no big bash or spectacular celebrations, but I did things I throughly enjoyed, with people I love.

My dad prepared all my favourite food- crab, brocoli and raddish soup, for a family lunch. Yes, I am a lucky girl with a daddy who cooks delicious food.

After waiting for forever to collect my new iPhone (a gift from Mr Kwek), we made a visit to the heritage festival at Campus Green.
I love the designs on the recipe books.

After a shopping spree at Raffles City (thanks to Mr Kwek's mom), we headed to the Esplanade for BayBeats with Dex and Tiffany. I love music festivals with free performances at the Esplanade. The chilled out atmosphere, the good music and the city lights- magical end to the day.

A Hongkong Band- Modern Children. Loved their creative music making.

I can't remember the name of this singer, but she had a beautiful voice.

And then there was the other stuff not caught on my camera.
A chicken wing party- my friends really know me so well!
A new holga.
Ramen and dragon roll as Ichiban Tei.
Dinner at Sushi Tei.
Finally watching Mean Girls after all these years.

Thank you for making the past quarter century amazing. I love you guys!

Bouts of nostalgia often come with a whiff of forgotten smells.

The way the smell of stale cigarettes remind me of old hotel lobbies.
The way the air-freshener at Warehouse reminds me of my JC toilet (I'm not kidding)
The way the smell of cocoa butter moisturizer reminds me of Mauritius
The way a certain perfume reminds me of Paris