"I was thinking about what your goal in life is. And I realized that your goal is to play..."

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Quote of the Day- Valentine's Edition

Choose your love. Love your choice.

Since my traditional chinese dad does not have a romantic bone in him (just like most other guys I know), I printed this pic of my family out for him to give to my mom as a Valentine's gift. He very classically, took to whole plastic bag, with receipt and all, and pass it to my mom, very unceremoniously..... oh well.

Happy Valentine's Day

Because I find it slightly cheesy to spend the Valentine's Day with Mr Kwek, we decided to spend the day together at Sentosa on Sunday. I checked out the Valentino exhibition, and we took the Luge (1-for-1 with Amex cards)! It was alot more fun than we expected.

I'm looking forward to dinner with FM tonight. Hope you guys are having a good Monday! 0 comments

Dong Dong Chiang!



Mr Kwek and I took a trip to Chinatown to soak in the festive lunar new year spirit.

I think this is the only time in the year when I like crowds, red decorations, and street vendors trying to out-shout each other.



Universal Studios Again!

Some time back I had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Singapore again. This time it was for my directorate retreat. I guess theme parks do not appeal to everyone, but it sure does appeal to me. Even if I was siting the same really short rides all over again, I throughly enjoyed each bit. I'm still waiting for the exciting ride to open though. The rides right now didn't give me the rush I've been looking for.

Check out my cool poncho cape!



Whizz through the weekend

How did you guys spend the rainy weekend?

I spent most of Saturday celebrating the lovely wedding of the Bolly-Chee couple. And I spent most of sunday in the cozy indoors. I'm loving this cooler wet weather. feels almost like winter.

Mrs Bolly Chee on operation "mini me"