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For those whose new year resolution was to read more this year, here are two really good books that I have read recently. I like reading fiction. Especially when I can relate to the characters and yet I can only imagine living their lives. You know what I mean?

The memory of running really isn't about running at all. But this was the book that inspired me to buy a bike and start riding. Reading the book, I felt both haunted and liberated at the same time, as I followed the story of a middle-aged, overweight man, on his journey across the country led by everyting and nothing.

Light on snow brought me into the life of a child plucked from city life, into a snowy small town, when she loses her mother and baby sister in an accident. It's a story of how her father and her cope witht he loss several years on, as a chance find of a newborn in the snow throws their life in whole new directions.

These books inspired me.

Starting on Nine Parts of Desire- The Hidden World of Islamic Women. I've just read the prologue and I'm captivated.
So Chinese New Year came and went. I was thankful for the wonderfully long weekend and the extra time I got to spend with my friends and family.

This year was particularly special as I learnt more about my family history as we made our rounds to the homes of our extended family members. There were such interesting stories just waiting to be told, but I guess the kids of my generation were never asking the right questions. At one of my counsin's house, we even found an old family photo taken before even my mother was born! When we showed the photo to one of our gandaunts she reminisced of those times, telling us stories of how my mother's generation grew up.

Chinese New Year is special. May we never lose the tradition of visiting family and loved ones each year. Hope you guys had a good break and have started the tiger year well!
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Happy New Year Everyone!

We ar ehaving the Lunar New Year Party today. Exciting. 0 comments

The Lunar New Year is just 2 days away!
During lunch yesterday, we went in search of the perfect pussy willows for the New Year Party decorations.
All the festive flowers were in bloom at the nursery. Pretty! And to put everyone in the festive mood, the nursery was playing new year songs. But unlike the usual tong tong chiang music, all their new year songs were in english. how thoughful of them.

Quote of the day: I can understand the songs! I should be happy. ~Suresh

Here's a few other shots of what I've been up to.

Chin Huat Live Seafood at Sunset Way. Check out the golden crabs and Yam Paste dessert. Everything with pumpkin is good!

Farmer's Market and Brunch at PS Cafe. I could get used to this life.

Food Issues

Someone stole my milk from the office fridge!!!!! All I wanted was to have a nice cold cup of milo in the morning, but there was only half a cup of milk left in the carton... Sad.

Moving on, I saw this in the newspaper yesterday:
The KFC Portuguese Egg Tart has come to Singapore!!! Finally.

I had my first taste of these awesome egg tarts three years ago when my boss in Suzhou took us interns to KFC for dinner before an evening meeting. The fluffy, buttery crust coupled with the sweet and wobbly egg custard was lovely. Now that the egg tarts have come to Singapore, I can't wait to get my hands on some. Hopefully they taste as good as the ones I had in China. According to the website, the are only sold at the following outlets:

Admiralty Place • Ang Mo Kio • Bedok • Bukit Merah • Bugis Village • Bukit Panjang Plaza • Causeway Point • Clementi • Compass Point • Eastpoint • Funan • HarbourFront • Heartland Mall • Hougang Mall • Jurong Point • Kallang Stadium • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall • Marina Square • North Point • Novena Square • Parkway Parade • People’s Park • Plaza Singapura • Potong Pasir • Punggol Plaza • Singapore Polytechnic • Singapore Post Centre • Sengkang • Sun Plaza • Suntec City • Tampines CPF Bldg • Tampines Mart • Tanjong Katong • Tiong Bahru Plaza • Toa Payoh • Thomson Plaza • Towner • West Mall • White Sands • Woodlands 888 • Yew Tee Point • Yishun • Yung Ho 0 comments

Confucious- a life of thought and politics

I finally finished the book Confucious- a life of thought and politics, by Chin Annping.

Then I looked at the date the book was due back in the library: 27 August 2009. I am glad the office library does not impose overdue fines. :)

So that's my dry and clever book for the year. *very pleased with myself* This was the first book (other than my textbooks) which I really had to plow through. Confucious' life is interesting and his teachings deep and abstract. But maybe it all loses its essence once translated into english. I feel slightly motivated to read the Tao (in both english and chinese). But first, I must finish Black Swan and start reading the Chinese book for the year- Letters to Friday. 0 comments
Hello! How was everyone's week? I had a good relaxing week. And I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend. There's a farmer's market at Loewen today and Mr Kwek and I will be checking it out. Hopefully, there will be lot's of pretty stuff that I can take fisheye pics of.

Mr Kwek and I checked out Once Upon a Milkshake this week. It was a pretty place with decent ice cream. BUT unlike other other ice cream places, they had a rather limited flavour choice. I was also not allowed to taste the flavours before purchasing them... Finally, I wouldn't reccomend the brownie with ice cream as the brownie was cold! Nobody serves cold brownie with ice cream!

That's 2-day old Sarah-Mae Sharon's newborn daughter. Isn't she a cute little bundle?

Sashimi! To celebrate Siew geok's birthday. Hope you had a great birthday SG! It was good catching up with all of you. You guys must be busy running around Oldham now for the Orientation. May God grant all of you extra strength and grace to serve Him there.

Though of the week: How do you know he/she is the one?
A thought provoking lunch with the-one-with-the-long-queue and the-one-who-doesnt-know

Advice of the week

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