words are all i have, to take your breath away.....

For those whose new year resolution was to read more this year, here are two really good books that I have read recently. I like reading fiction. Especially when I can relate to the characters and yet I can only imagine living their lives. You know what I mean?

The memory of running really isn't about running at all. But this was the book that inspired me to buy a bike and start riding. Reading the book, I felt both haunted and liberated at the same time, as I followed the story of a middle-aged, overweight man, on his journey across the country led by everyting and nothing.

Light on snow brought me into the life of a child plucked from city life, into a snowy small town, when she loses her mother and baby sister in an accident. It's a story of how her father and her cope witht he loss several years on, as a chance find of a newborn in the snow throws their life in whole new directions.

These books inspired me.

Starting on Nine Parts of Desire- The Hidden World of Islamic Women. I've just read the prologue and I'm captivated.

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