Counting My Blessings

Today I thanked God for being able to read.

In the morning I wake up and am able to read the Bible. What a privilege to be able to read and understand the word of God.
On the bus, I whip out my Foreign Policy, Harvard Business Review and New Scientist magazines and read about the ins and outs of our world at large- of scientific breakthroughs, diplomatic scandals and start-up successes.  The horizons on my world have expanded far beyond my physical sight.

At work, I analyse countless pages of text, in order to ensure that my country's interests are preserved. It is a joy to have a decent job which serves a greater purpose.

In the circles that I move in today, the skill of reading is something that almost everyone has. Because of that, it is a skill we often overlook, but it enriches our lives immensely.

So as I give up my Tuesday evenings to teach a bunch of little ones how to read, I am reminded that I am not just trying to teach them a bunch of new words. I am imparting a skill which would enrich their lives, expand their horizons and hopefully open their eyes to the Maker of heaven and earth.