Wedding Dress

No, I'm not getting married. Maybe not for the next 2 years at least, but I came across a picture of what I imagine my future wedding dress would look like.

Cymbeline Paris:Helaide
I love how it just sweeps the floor, but not to the length which you will be tripping over your dress. Classic, simple and chic, with lace that makes you feel like royalty. And of course my favourite part is the high collar. Dream dress! 0 comments

Four Seasons

Blog links are the best things in the world as they bring u to the most amazing places on the internet.
Today, I came across Will Vastine's site. Will is an awesome photographer and I instantly fell in love with his photos of fall (today's featured photos). Sometimes i wish we had the four seasons here. Red autum leaves, chilly winters, fresh spring breezes- are all things absent in ever-summer Singapore. I guess that's why we take holidays right?

Unfortunatly it's a little too late to get the great winter travel deals so i'm just gonna keep my eye out for good flight deals to australia next year. I promised to visit and 5years on, i hope to fulfil it.


this is only the second week of my blogging escapade and im already finding it hard to keep it up as work begins to pile up and the bosses moods start to turn sour.

hope everyone's week is going well. will update soon.


What I Love About Singapore

I met a young lady from Bolivia, while I was in Paris recently. As we took in the sights of Paris, we shared with each other about our families, our jobs, our friends. As she talked about her home- a place of great natural beauty, abundant fresh produce and friendly people- I thought about what aspect of Singapore was special and worth mentioning to this person who had never heard of my island nation. And so, I told her about this...

To her amazement, I proudly told her that in my country, people could cross pedestrian crossings with their eyes closed and be sure that they would not be knocked down. That's what I love about Singapore.

Took a trip to Chinatown with my parents for breakfast yesterday, and I went home with my shopping bag full! Bought a beautiful new blouse at just $10, face wash, dried chrysanthemum flowers and of course yummy street food!

The young adults will be having a prata party after chrch today. looking forward to yummy food!
Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

Amazing Grace

~Click the lyrics to get to the youtube music video

Since this song was running through my head all day, I thought I should share it with you guys. God's grace and love for us is all around. Share with me your stories of God's grace towards u!

One more day to the weekend!

Time for a Tea Party

I've been reading several blogs today like the little things and hostess with the mostess and I'm so inspired by their pretty themed parties that I want to host a tea party too! Anyone want to volunteer their home/help/teapots?

Bloom, Grow, Love

So I caught 500 Day of Summer last night. My verdict, it was a beautiful, bittersweet tale with a brillant ending. "I just woke up one day, and I knew.... what I was never sure of with you..."

Loved it.

And then I stumbled upon this website (where today's beautiful pictures were taken from): Bloom, Grow, Love. What a lovely life philosophy too.



Monday Blues?

How was your weekend?

Mine was full of yummy food! I totally overate and I'm feeling a little fat now... but i couldn't resist. Morton's on sat night. mmmmmmm it was great steak but I thought the crab cake was spectacular! And every table at Morton's seemed to be celebrating someone's birthday! So dinner was punctuated with the sound of the birthday song being sung.

Sunday was another piggy day. Yang, Chris and I celebrated Yang's birthday over a shabu shabu buffet at Vivo. Free flow of Wagyu beef! skinny people can eat. ALOT.

After the quick nap at home, I was off to Raffles Creamery to meet the Del, Manda and Neh for ice cream supper! The ice cream there is really good. I had my NY Cheesecake ice cream swimming in Irish Cream. It was sooo good.

And today, I of little self-discipline skipped lunch time yoga, in favour of lunch with Duan and Fengling. Checkout the photos we took with Duan's iphone. I think the iPhone is really cool. A little to complex for my simple mind and semi-retarded fingers though :)

Anyway, today is Monday again. The weekend went by too quickly. But I'm gonna catch 500 days of summer tonight! heard so many good things about it. I'm so excited! I'll let you guys know my verdict tomorrow.

To chase away the monday blues, check out Oh, Hello Friend. It's a really lovely, happy and inspiring website. She features the prettiest things around.


Happy Friday!

Fridays are always wonderful days! People seem a little more relaxed, a little happier. I'm rushing off after work today for a church retreat. I hope this weekend at church would be a refreshing time.

Tomorrow also happends to be Deepavali. I read on the newspaper that the Deepavali light up at Little India is even better than what Orchard Road had during Christmas. It's a pity I haven't had the time to go down to soak in the festivities. I used to always visit the festival night markets, where there's good food and lots of beautiful things.

Talking about festive light-ups. Chrsitmas decorations are already being put up around Tanglin mall. This is more than 2 whole months in advance! I guess we all need some festive cheer.

Happy weekend everyone! 0 comments

Let's Start From Here

This is going to be a blog of all the things that make life beautiful. I hope you will take this journey along with me and share your life as it is beautiful as well.