The Last Glimpse of Civilization

I'm currently sitting in the Star Alliance lounge at Nagoya airport, contemplating whether I should try the mini cup noodles and risk looking like a pig, since I already had a bowl of cornflakes.

Fatigue is also begining to set in, as i probably slept for only 2 hours last night on the highly uncomfortable economy class seats. They weren't kidding about red eye flights.

And this is only the begining. Many more flights to go- Singapore-Nagoya-Guam-Micronesia-Guam-Palau-Guam-Marshall Islands-Guam-Manila-Singapore.

Anyway, this is probably my last glimpse of civilization (and internet access) before I'm swept off to the proverbial turquoise waters, emerald forests and crystal white beaches. I might collapse from flight/work exhaustion, but at least I'll collapse in beautiful surroundings.

I really really really hope the islands are as beautiful as I imagine... I'll keep you guys updated, if I manage to get some internet. 0 comments

A Traveller with Separation Anxiety

In a few hours, I'll be starting my 24hour epic journey to the Pacific Islands. Talk about off the beaten track. I'm more than excited!

The islands aren't too far away according to the world map, but flight paths aren't in our favour, so I'm just gonna have to survive the multiple transits. What price is too high to pay to get to paradise right?

Not sure if there will even be internet connections there, but I promise to take lots of photos and upload them when I get back. In the mean time, miss me, cos I'll be missing u guys too. 0 comments

Fashion Revelation of the Week

Good and comfortable heels are either fugly or Ferragamo. 0 comments

Universal Studios Singapore

It was Family Day at Universal Studios last Sunday and I was pretty excited. The most exciting ride was still closed though, which was rather disappointing. BUT, we still had quite a bit of fun! Well, at least the Small Boy and I did, as we rushed off to take ALL the other rides available, at least once! Wheeee!
With the 3D glasses just before we were told "no flash photography is allowed" :)

Honestly, the rides were nothing to shout (or scream) about. But the park was alot bigger than I expected, and the place was really pretty. The shows were really cool too. I loved the 4D Shrek show the most! O the best part was that the queues weren't very long. We only had to wait for about 45 mins for one ride. The other queues were a breeze.

I guess it's not really worth going to Universal right now, as the heart stopping ride is still closed, but if you just wanna take in the sights and enjoy a day out with family and friends, and are willing to shell out about $70 per person for it, Universal is a good choice. You'll get lots of pretty holiday-ish photos too! :)

Thoughts of the Week

Whatever you want to do, do it NOW. For life is time, and time is all there is.


Sometimes, you just need a step of faith. 0 comments

we need to talk

we talked like we never talked before. well, at least you did.
no happy conversation ever started with "we need to talk"
as the words fell from your mouth, a range of emotions ran through my soul
i have never seen that look in your eyes before
at the end
it felt right.

a twist in the story of ever after


The Story of My Life

This is one of the best short films i've seen in some time. Short, sharp and unexpected. Watch it. You will understand. 0 comments

I have given this alot of thought......

 I absolutely must have a swing in my house.

Good friends keep me sane.

Here's to you. Thanks for the coffee :)
Ysterday was the dear Celia's last day. So sad to see her go, but I'm happy for her, as she is moving on to better things. Sounds cliche, but true.
I have some pretty cool colleagues who i'm very thankful for. They make the tough work we do easier to bear.



I'm still not sure what to make of my trip to Bali. The places we saw were beautiful. The activities were fun. But it just didn't feel right. The place seemed to have lost its laid back charm. In its place were streets of shops all selling the same things, shopping malls with expensive foreign brands and restaurents, and a million people out to make the quick bucks from tourists. Other than that, Bali was beautiful. See for yourself.


The Quarter-Century

Ms Cher hit the quarter century mark last week, so this is a post for the great friend and amazing young lady.
U can tell she is well loved

We took her to this korean BBQ place at East Coast. It just so happened that some korean star was dining there at the same time, which brought great joy to Ms Cher (as well as the scores of female fans that had stalked him all the way to the restaurant). We couldnt have planned for a better evening.

Since we havent met in such a long time, it was also an occasion to pass around goodies that we had bought from our travels. Chocolates from Switzerland, biscuits and more chocs from Japan, and even gum from a malaysia trip months ago!

Del baked the cake, which was delicious. Sometimes I wonder how the one who has the most colourful language among us also has the most domestic of hobbies.
Also note the mega huge knife (parang) that the restaurent kindly let us use to cut the cake.

May you have a blessed year ahead!
You know we love you!