The Last Glimpse of Civilization

I'm currently sitting in the Star Alliance lounge at Nagoya airport, contemplating whether I should try the mini cup noodles and risk looking like a pig, since I already had a bowl of cornflakes.

Fatigue is also begining to set in, as i probably slept for only 2 hours last night on the highly uncomfortable economy class seats. They weren't kidding about red eye flights.

And this is only the begining. Many more flights to go- Singapore-Nagoya-Guam-Micronesia-Guam-Palau-Guam-Marshall Islands-Guam-Manila-Singapore.

Anyway, this is probably my last glimpse of civilization (and internet access) before I'm swept off to the proverbial turquoise waters, emerald forests and crystal white beaches. I might collapse from flight/work exhaustion, but at least I'll collapse in beautiful surroundings.

I really really really hope the islands are as beautiful as I imagine... I'll keep you guys updated, if I manage to get some internet.

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