Reaching for You

Thought I could share a song that expresses what I've been feeling of late. Go check it out on youtube or something.

I can't believe the way

Your love has got a hold on me

Each morning I wake to find You near

You lift me above my fears

And set my feet on solid ground

All of my days belong to You

And I breathe in Your breath of life that fills my heart

You are my all consuming fire

I stand here before You

In wide opened wonder

Amazed at the glory of You

The power of heaven

Revealing Your purpose in me

As I'm reaching for You

Whizz Through the Weekend

T'was another lovely weekend, with perfect weather and beautiful people.
We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Lau family, who graciously invited my whole cell group over to their place for a steamboat dinner, followed by a World Cup match (Brazil vs Portugal) and stories of their newly married life.

Wakeboarding bright and early on saturday was invigorating as we learned new tricks in the gorgeous weather. All of creation truly shouts His glory.

A bunch of my Secondary school friends then down to the Little Art Bug for Jorraine's mini art exhibition. That's Clara and I on one of the pretty art installations. Every kid should have a fort like this. I remember that my brother and I just to build such forts at home all the time. My parents' large blanket was the source of hours of joy.

It was great meeting Jorraine again. I think I haven't met her in years! I was inspired to see that at least one of us is pursuing her dreams and living the life she always wanted.


Whizz Through the Weekend

It has been awhile since I did a Whizz Through the Weekend Post
I've had a beautiful weekend so far, and it's still saturday! Life is beautiful!
After an angsty week at work, a bunch of us kicked back and relaxed over dinner at Via Mar at the Singapore Art Museum. The food wasn't great, but the place was lovely. We chose the outdoor seats which were in the courtyard of the beautiful colonial building, next to the swirling fountain. I can imagine this as the venue of many a marraige proposal.

I woke up to a smile this morning which totally made my day :)

Opera in the Park this evening was beautiful as well. I've been wanting to catch one of these performances at the Botanic Gardens and I'm glad that I finally did it today. It was the perfect mix of casual and cultured :) It has also been too long since I caught up with my friends from Uni and it's amazing to see where each person was in his or her life.

I also managed to successfully whip up two batches of cupcakes to bring along for the picnic, with the most simple recipe ever!

Life is beautiful.

Emily on Emerald Hill

Last Sunday, I managed to catch Emily on Emerald Hill with a bunch of friends. I didnt realize that the show I was catching was such a historic one and I felt privilleged to share in the occasion.
It was to be the last performance at the Old Victoria Theatre before the insides were to be torn out and the whole place fully renovated.
It was also the last time at Margret Chan would be playing Emily in this one woman show.
I wasnt quite sure what to expect since I had never watched a one woman play before. But it was lovely and powerful at the same time, as we caught a glimpse into the heart of a woman.
A daughter, a wife, a mother. All rolled into one. Roles most women play, each experience affecting the next.


100th Post

The 100th post is a milestone and something to be celebrated, but I'm not feeling too chirpy today...

I finally got around to buying a portable hard drive at the IT Fair last week and I have started transfering all my photos from my old laptop. But to my horror, I have come to realize that ALL my photos before I bought that laptop have all gone... In essence, my life in photos before yr 2 in uni have gone. I'm glad that I used to have the habit of printing my favourite photos back then, so I still have some memories to keep. Still, I can't help mourning the loss. I have also realized that I have many photos which I never got around to uploading to my laptops and they seem to have disappeared too...

So in memory of my missing photos, here are some of my old favourites.


Don't Talk to Strangers?

In about 2 hours, I will be boarding my 10th flight in 10 days. The number astounded me when I counted. Including the many stopovers where people got on an off the planes, I’ve sat next to a wide variety of people in the last few days, and their stories never cease to intrigue me.

A police commissioner, a US Marine who was back from afghanistan, a wildlife protector, a mother flying for the first time to bring her child for proper medical attention and a social psychology professor, just to name a few.

Of course flying is great in the privacy of a first class seat, or with the large seats of the business class, where food and choices of in-flight entertainment abound. But having been stuck in the little economy seats, in planes with no inflight entertainment, I have come to enjoy the conversations with the people I bump elbows with.

Who said we shouldn't talk to strangers? 0 comments
I've never felt a stronger desider to go home. Just way too much drama and I'm exhausted. The ridiculous bureaucracy hasn't been helping either.

Since I have a good internet connection now, here are some photos of paradise found in Palau. I used to think Krabi was the best beach holiday ever. But see for yourself. Palau wins hands down.


Midnight Visitors

There have only been two times in my life that I can recall being truly afraid. Once was when I was in China and our long distance bus was being robbed. The other, was last night.

At 1.40 am in the morning, I was roused by knocking on my door. Since I travel quite a bit for work, I have always been told "if someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night, do not answer". But I never really experienced it before. Since the knocking was insistent, and thinking it could have been my boss or my colleague in trouble, I decided to take a look through the peephole. I saw two figures I did not recognise and one immediately covered the peephole from the outside. This could not be anything good.

I rushed to my phone to try and call security but my phone was dead. It was like something right out of a slasher flick.

My heart was beating right out of my chest as I rolled up in bed praying and willing for the figures outside to go away.

The insistent knocking continued for another ten minutes, then I guess whoever it was gave up and I managed to fall back into an uneasy sleep.

Seriously. And to think we moved to this hotel beacuse we did not feel safe in the other one. I've never been so scared in my life. 1 comments

I was wrong...

I was wrong about generalising the pacific islands as white beaches, emerald forests and turquoise waters.

There isn't a white sandy beach in sight. At least not in Ponhpei, Micronesia. It's an island with mangrove all around the edge. It really isn't what I expected from Micronesia at all, but it's still an amazing place no less.

The whole island does not have any traffic lights at all.

The weather- short spurts of heavy rains interspursed with bright sunshine. The strangest thing.

Nan Mandol- an amazing ancient city built on the water with immensely heavy stones. it was built so well that many of the structures remain till today. We managed to hitch a ride on the King's boat to the ruins and happened to meet one of the world's richest men there. Interesting day to say the least.

Tuna sashimi is fresh, affordable and readily available everywhere here. Yum!

Awesome people. I haven't met a grumpy face since i've been here. Everyone is so happy, friendly and helpful. AND no one is out to "rip off the foreigner" unlike many other countries I have visited. The place is amazingly safe too. According to our police officer-driver, there is no organised crime in Micronesia. The main crime issue that the police face here is domestic problems. I didn't feel the least bit scared walking around in the middle of the night.

In short, no the island paradies I expected, but still a lovely place. I sought to get off the beaten track. I found it.

(The weak connection won't allow me to upload photos, but i promise to upload them when i get back.) 0 comments