Whizz Through the Weekend

It has been awhile since I did a Whizz Through the Weekend Post
I've had a beautiful weekend so far, and it's still saturday! Life is beautiful!
After an angsty week at work, a bunch of us kicked back and relaxed over dinner at Via Mar at the Singapore Art Museum. The food wasn't great, but the place was lovely. We chose the outdoor seats which were in the courtyard of the beautiful colonial building, next to the swirling fountain. I can imagine this as the venue of many a marraige proposal.

I woke up to a smile this morning which totally made my day :)

Opera in the Park this evening was beautiful as well. I've been wanting to catch one of these performances at the Botanic Gardens and I'm glad that I finally did it today. It was the perfect mix of casual and cultured :) It has also been too long since I caught up with my friends from Uni and it's amazing to see where each person was in his or her life.

I also managed to successfully whip up two batches of cupcakes to bring along for the picnic, with the most simple recipe ever!

Life is beautiful.

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