Whizz Through the Weekend

T'was another lovely weekend, with perfect weather and beautiful people.
We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Lau family, who graciously invited my whole cell group over to their place for a steamboat dinner, followed by a World Cup match (Brazil vs Portugal) and stories of their newly married life.

Wakeboarding bright and early on saturday was invigorating as we learned new tricks in the gorgeous weather. All of creation truly shouts His glory.

A bunch of my Secondary school friends then down to the Little Art Bug for Jorraine's mini art exhibition. That's Clara and I on one of the pretty art installations. Every kid should have a fort like this. I remember that my brother and I just to build such forts at home all the time. My parents' large blanket was the source of hours of joy.

It was great meeting Jorraine again. I think I haven't met her in years! I was inspired to see that at least one of us is pursuing her dreams and living the life she always wanted.

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