Favorite Holiday Snaps

As promised, here are my favourite holiday snaps from the lovely land down under.
On the way to Mt Baw Baw for snowboarding
Salamanca Market's beautiful wares
Hobart waterfront at dusk
Cadbury Factory
Strahan Heritage Railway
Standing in awe of God's creations at Cataract Gorge
Hey guys, I'm back from the land of the wombats and koalas and I have lots of funny stories to tell of our road trip, like trekking in the snow storm, driving in clouds and running to get into wineries before they close.

I haven't gotten around to uploading my photos yet, so Joel's pic will have to do for today.

That was taken at Yerring Station, a winery that we got to just before they closed.

G'day Mate!

Hi Guys! I've been MIA lately cos I'm living it up down under. The last week has been spent in and around Melbourne, but the highlight has to be snowboarding!!!! Amazingly fun.

So I get to check 2 things off my 2010 to-do list now.

Ski/snowboard- Check!

Go to Australia- Check!

I'm pretty pleased with myself.

It has been great just hanging out with our church friends here too. Their hospitality really warms my heart, even in this freezing cold weather.

Silly me left my camera's SD card in Singapore so didn't manage to take any photos for the first few days... sad. I finally bought a new card in town, so hopefully I'll upload some pics soon. Anyway, it has been so cold, I really dont have the heart to take my fingers out of my toasty pockets to take photos. haha.

I'm off to Tazmania today. Hopefully I get some internet connection there. If not, take good care of yourselves! 1 comments