Whizz through the Weekend!

Dropped off my Red Box at Junction 8 yesterday. For a 8-10yr olf girl. I decided on a red/pink theme- pink cat purse, Hello Kitty drawstring pouch, rose pen, panda pencilcase, pink mechanical pencil with extra lead, pink 4colour pen and a red shawl. I really hope the lovely young lady who gets the box likes the stuff.

Last night was also the night the newly-wed Caleb/Sab invited us to their cool new home. They are such a sweet couple.

Today, my mom and I went to my grandaunt's place to learn to make pineapple tarts. I have come to understand why people charge so much money for these tarts. It's such a long tedious process. But making the tarts with three generations of family members around makes the process so much more fun! The whole house was filled with the aroma of butter and vanilla.

The finished product was buttery, sweet and melts in the mouth. Awesome.

Looking forward to another blessed week!


I bought a Lomo Fisheye!!!!!
Extremely pleased with myself for making a frivolous purchase, and thankful for the colleagues who talked me into buying the Fisheye instead of a bunch of books from Kinokuniya during our directorate retreat. The lovely people also walked up and down the Takashimay looking for film to fill the new Fisheye.

Can't wait to finish the film and print my first batch of Fisheye photos! 0 comments

Inspiration of the Week

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 0 comments

Advice of the Week

Don't laugh at your own jokes. It's not cool.
~Amanda 0 comments
Haven't blogged in awhile. Been cut off from gmail/blogger/msn for some reason.

Anyway, life has been good to me of late.

I won my first blog giveaway on So about what I said...! A lovely pink vintage cardigan from Vintage Petals. Unfortunatly, apart from the email telling me I have won, I haven't heard anything on how I'm going to receive my prize...

I haven't been too overwhelmed with work, which means I have time to do other stuff like bake! I tried baking banana bread last night cos I got home from work really early, but the mixture didn't rise. I'm evidently not very good at following recipes. Will try again soon and hopefully I will have a post of my successful baking endevour soon.

I'm loving my set of wheels, which grants me freedom from the rush hour crush on public transport. At the same time, it packs in good exercise since my half hour ride between home and office makes me ride both up and down hill.

I'm keeping up with my reading. I'm almost halfway through Confucious-a life of thought and politics, and I'm reading the Black Swan on and off. Mr Kwek has promised me a nice dinner when I'm done with Black Swan :) happy incentive. looking forward to it.

The FM has transformed into nice people! We are all doing our part for the community in different ways. Del, Man and Neh will also be donating to the Red Box Project and they have even passed the word on to their friends! The bunch of uni students doing this as their FYP would have no idea how the word spread so far.

Attended a cousin's wedding over the weekend. I love weddings!

I'm loving being loved.

Mr Kwek and I at the Austin Powers Party

Redbox Project

A friend of mine introduced me to a charity project that her friend was organising. I felt that it was a really meaningful project. It's called the Redbox Project and it aims to put a smile on the faces of 700 less-fortunate children this lunar new year.

The concept is simple. Get a shoe box, fill it up with cute/cool/lovely stuff that a child/youth may like (total value between $15-$20) wrap the box up, label it, and drop it off at the collection point.

I always remeber the New Year as a time when my mom would bring me shopping to get new clothes, new school bags, new shoes, new everything. But some children don't have that privillege. This project tries to bridge that, and I would like to be part of it.

I'm going to pack at least one box with great goodies. Let me know if you have any cool ideas, and I hope you guys consider donating a box or two too! 0 comments


The card reader decided to work again!
Can you see Maxie in the background of the picture? This is as close as we got to a group photo that day.

Post wakeboarding feast at Cafeela. Best beehoon goreng on Jalan Kayu.
Been so busy at work recently... and my laptop seems to be dying again. I think the SD card reader has gone berserk so can't upload the photos from wakeboaring on sat...

Calling the IT guys. Hope this get's fixed soon. 0 comments

New Year, New You?

Been feeling rather restless of late. Like I need to be doing something larger than myself. Not sure where this year will take me, but I've drawn up a list of things that I want to do this year.

Anyone else feeling restless too? 1 comments


Just 2 years ago, we were laptop hugging SMUggers.

Now, we are laptop hugging working adults who are...

Closet Rockstars!!!!
All we are, we are,
And everyday is the start
Of something beautiful
~Matt Nathanson

Whizz Through the Weekend

Happy New Year Everyone! I had a great long new year weekend. How did you spend yours?

Went to Wendy's for breakfast on New Years Day. It's more or less just regular fast food fare. The triple pound burger was alot smaller than expected.
Walked to Starbucks at Fullerton for a coffee, before walking to City Hall to catch our rides.

Mr Kwek and I had a great seafood and durian dinner at the lovely Sharon and Steven's place. I LOVE seafood!

I even got to take the small boy cycling to explore our neighbourhood!