Haven't blogged in awhile. Been cut off from gmail/blogger/msn for some reason.

Anyway, life has been good to me of late.

I won my first blog giveaway on So about what I said...! A lovely pink vintage cardigan from Vintage Petals. Unfortunatly, apart from the email telling me I have won, I haven't heard anything on how I'm going to receive my prize...

I haven't been too overwhelmed with work, which means I have time to do other stuff like bake! I tried baking banana bread last night cos I got home from work really early, but the mixture didn't rise. I'm evidently not very good at following recipes. Will try again soon and hopefully I will have a post of my successful baking endevour soon.

I'm loving my set of wheels, which grants me freedom from the rush hour crush on public transport. At the same time, it packs in good exercise since my half hour ride between home and office makes me ride both up and down hill.

I'm keeping up with my reading. I'm almost halfway through Confucious-a life of thought and politics, and I'm reading the Black Swan on and off. Mr Kwek has promised me a nice dinner when I'm done with Black Swan :) happy incentive. looking forward to it.

The FM has transformed into nice people! We are all doing our part for the community in different ways. Del, Man and Neh will also be donating to the Red Box Project and they have even passed the word on to their friends! The bunch of uni students doing this as their FYP would have no idea how the word spread so far.

Attended a cousin's wedding over the weekend. I love weddings!

I'm loving being loved.

Mr Kwek and I at the Austin Powers Party

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