Redbox Project

A friend of mine introduced me to a charity project that her friend was organising. I felt that it was a really meaningful project. It's called the Redbox Project and it aims to put a smile on the faces of 700 less-fortunate children this lunar new year.

The concept is simple. Get a shoe box, fill it up with cute/cool/lovely stuff that a child/youth may like (total value between $15-$20) wrap the box up, label it, and drop it off at the collection point.

I always remeber the New Year as a time when my mom would bring me shopping to get new clothes, new school bags, new shoes, new everything. But some children don't have that privillege. This project tries to bridge that, and I would like to be part of it.

I'm going to pack at least one box with great goodies. Let me know if you have any cool ideas, and I hope you guys consider donating a box or two too!

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