I was wrong...

I was wrong about generalising the pacific islands as white beaches, emerald forests and turquoise waters.

There isn't a white sandy beach in sight. At least not in Ponhpei, Micronesia. It's an island with mangrove all around the edge. It really isn't what I expected from Micronesia at all, but it's still an amazing place no less.

The whole island does not have any traffic lights at all.

The weather- short spurts of heavy rains interspursed with bright sunshine. The strangest thing.

Nan Mandol- an amazing ancient city built on the water with immensely heavy stones. it was built so well that many of the structures remain till today. We managed to hitch a ride on the King's boat to the ruins and happened to meet one of the world's richest men there. Interesting day to say the least.

Tuna sashimi is fresh, affordable and readily available everywhere here. Yum!

Awesome people. I haven't met a grumpy face since i've been here. Everyone is so happy, friendly and helpful. AND no one is out to "rip off the foreigner" unlike many other countries I have visited. The place is amazingly safe too. According to our police officer-driver, there is no organised crime in Micronesia. The main crime issue that the police face here is domestic problems. I didn't feel the least bit scared walking around in the middle of the night.

In short, no the island paradies I expected, but still a lovely place. I sought to get off the beaten track. I found it.

(The weak connection won't allow me to upload photos, but i promise to upload them when i get back.)

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