Midnight Visitors

There have only been two times in my life that I can recall being truly afraid. Once was when I was in China and our long distance bus was being robbed. The other, was last night.

At 1.40 am in the morning, I was roused by knocking on my door. Since I travel quite a bit for work, I have always been told "if someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night, do not answer". But I never really experienced it before. Since the knocking was insistent, and thinking it could have been my boss or my colleague in trouble, I decided to take a look through the peephole. I saw two figures I did not recognise and one immediately covered the peephole from the outside. This could not be anything good.

I rushed to my phone to try and call security but my phone was dead. It was like something right out of a slasher flick.

My heart was beating right out of my chest as I rolled up in bed praying and willing for the figures outside to go away.

The insistent knocking continued for another ten minutes, then I guess whoever it was gave up and I managed to fall back into an uneasy sleep.

Seriously. And to think we moved to this hotel beacuse we did not feel safe in the other one. I've never been so scared in my life.

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Anonymous said...

gan ann...
i;m worried for you too, after reading this and your latest email, i said a little prayer for you to be safe.

can't wait to see u back in sg.


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