The Quarter-Century

Ms Cher hit the quarter century mark last week, so this is a post for the great friend and amazing young lady.
U can tell she is well loved

We took her to this korean BBQ place at East Coast. It just so happened that some korean star was dining there at the same time, which brought great joy to Ms Cher (as well as the scores of female fans that had stalked him all the way to the restaurant). We couldnt have planned for a better evening.

Since we havent met in such a long time, it was also an occasion to pass around goodies that we had bought from our travels. Chocolates from Switzerland, biscuits and more chocs from Japan, and even gum from a malaysia trip months ago!

Del baked the cake, which was delicious. Sometimes I wonder how the one who has the most colourful language among us also has the most domestic of hobbies.
Also note the mega huge knife (parang) that the restaurent kindly let us use to cut the cake.

May you have a blessed year ahead!
You know we love you!

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