Universal Studios Singapore

It was Family Day at Universal Studios last Sunday and I was pretty excited. The most exciting ride was still closed though, which was rather disappointing. BUT, we still had quite a bit of fun! Well, at least the Small Boy and I did, as we rushed off to take ALL the other rides available, at least once! Wheeee!
With the 3D glasses just before we were told "no flash photography is allowed" :)

Honestly, the rides were nothing to shout (or scream) about. But the park was alot bigger than I expected, and the place was really pretty. The shows were really cool too. I loved the 4D Shrek show the most! O the best part was that the queues weren't very long. We only had to wait for about 45 mins for one ride. The other queues were a breeze.

I guess it's not really worth going to Universal right now, as the heart stopping ride is still closed, but if you just wanna take in the sights and enjoy a day out with family and friends, and are willing to shell out about $70 per person for it, Universal is a good choice. You'll get lots of pretty holiday-ish photos too! :)

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