Monday Blues?

How was your weekend?

Mine was full of yummy food! I totally overate and I'm feeling a little fat now... but i couldn't resist. Morton's on sat night. mmmmmmm it was great steak but I thought the crab cake was spectacular! And every table at Morton's seemed to be celebrating someone's birthday! So dinner was punctuated with the sound of the birthday song being sung.

Sunday was another piggy day. Yang, Chris and I celebrated Yang's birthday over a shabu shabu buffet at Vivo. Free flow of Wagyu beef! skinny people can eat. ALOT.

After the quick nap at home, I was off to Raffles Creamery to meet the Del, Manda and Neh for ice cream supper! The ice cream there is really good. I had my NY Cheesecake ice cream swimming in Irish Cream. It was sooo good.

And today, I of little self-discipline skipped lunch time yoga, in favour of lunch with Duan and Fengling. Checkout the photos we took with Duan's iphone. I think the iPhone is really cool. A little to complex for my simple mind and semi-retarded fingers though :)

Anyway, today is Monday again. The weekend went by too quickly. But I'm gonna catch 500 days of summer tonight! heard so many good things about it. I'm so excited! I'll let you guys know my verdict tomorrow.

To chase away the monday blues, check out Oh, Hello Friend. It's a really lovely, happy and inspiring website. She features the prettiest things around.

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