Hello! How was everyone's week? I had a good relaxing week. And I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend. There's a farmer's market at Loewen today and Mr Kwek and I will be checking it out. Hopefully, there will be lot's of pretty stuff that I can take fisheye pics of.

Mr Kwek and I checked out Once Upon a Milkshake this week. It was a pretty place with decent ice cream. BUT unlike other other ice cream places, they had a rather limited flavour choice. I was also not allowed to taste the flavours before purchasing them... Finally, I wouldn't reccomend the brownie with ice cream as the brownie was cold! Nobody serves cold brownie with ice cream!

That's 2-day old Sarah-Mae Sharon's newborn daughter. Isn't she a cute little bundle?

Sashimi! To celebrate Siew geok's birthday. Hope you had a great birthday SG! It was good catching up with all of you. You guys must be busy running around Oldham now for the Orientation. May God grant all of you extra strength and grace to serve Him there.

Though of the week: How do you know he/she is the one?
A thought provoking lunch with the-one-with-the-long-queue and the-one-who-doesnt-know

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