Whizz through the weekend

I had an eventful weekend. I rushed home from work on Friday to try a cinnamon bun recipe that I found online. Despite being hopeless at reading the very simple instructions (I actually forgot to add the eggs and I let the dough rise before rolling it out and adding the cinnamon filling) and not having the proper tool (my house was devoid of a rolling pin), I must say the buns turned out quite well. very pleased with myself :)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my family and I headed off to the ACS carnival, since my brother had to absorb $200 worth of tickets.

There were cool carnival rides, great food (my brother queued up for half an hour to buy $10 wagyu beef burgers), popcorn and candy floss and interesting stuff to buy, like homemade jam. Since it was a fund-raising event, everything was really expensive.

After lunch with Miss Yang and Chris, I was off to my first Christmas party this year! I didn't bring my camera though, so I'll have to wait till others upload their photos. Moses' church was all dressed up in its Christmas best to celebrate God's grace throughout the year.

I was excited to go to church on Sunday, as I was going to help out with Sunday School for the toddlers. I love the toddlers, how can anyone not love these adorable young ones?

Hope you guys had a good weekend too!

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