Day 6: Jump for Joy! It's the weekend!

Everyone loves weekends. Weekends are usually quite busy for me with church activities, meeting up with friends, and for the last few months, mr kwek and I were relentlessly viewing houses. Now that the house hunt is done, I was very happy to have a Saturday morning with no commitments to meet. It was just me, 2 leftover slices of Extra Virgin pizza, a cup of milk and Pinterest. What privilege.
I headed out in the afternoon, and my outfit for the day was prepared for the day's activities of going to the library (hence the backpack), checking out Rokeby, and going for a housewarming party.

Here's today's simple Saturday outfit:
Striped dress from China
Black canvas backpack from TK Maxx in Germany (I'm a fan of TK Maxx but I'll write about that another time)
My favorite weekend sandals from Bata

Jump for joy! It's the weekend!
I love this pic. Credit to Mr Kwek for getting it in just 1 shot.

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