Day 18: Sew Happy

It's a public holiday in Singapore on Friday, so my casual Friday Sew Happy segment is moved to Thursday instead.

I love public holidays. My weekdays are usually packed with work and other commitments, while weekends are packed with church commitments. So public holidays are the only time I have to spend doing other things. Like hanging out at home. It's surprising how little time i get to spend at home. However, this public holiday, I'm choosing to spend it at church for the Young Adults Retreat. The theme is: Your Word I Have Hidden in My Heart. The retreat started tonight, and it will be on till Saturday. So blogging may take a back seat to learning from God's word. We'll see how it goes.

The dress from today's outfit was the first dress that I made without the help of my sewing teacher. Lot's of trial and error went into putting it together, and if you look at it up close, it becomes quite obvious. I love it anyway. I just think of the flaws as the dress being "bespoke" :)

Today's outfit:
Printed blue dress from Gan Ann's sewing room
Leather belt from my mom
White lace ballet flats that I bought for my wedding photoshoot
Leather bag that my brother bought for me from Italy

Have a good long weekend everyone! May we all use the extra time to be refreshed. 

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