Day 17: old school biscuits

I remember going to the market as a child and going to a shop with rows of large tins filled with various biscuits. I was often allowed to choose a biscuit that I wanted, and the old aunty would pry the tin open with a metal spoon and fish out the amount I wanted. Most of the time, I would choose the little gem biscuits with colourful icing on top. I also grew to love the wafer biscuits and durian biscuits. I never did try the other 90% of the biscuits though.

The biscuit shop sold coffee powder as well and it would always smell like freshly ground coffee. The connection between biscuits and coffee power has eluded me to this day.

I don't remember when I stopped going to the shop, or if I had stopped going because the shop had closed. I don't even remember which neighbourhood market this memory came from. But remains a fond memory from my childhood.

So it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a biscuit shop today (Sin Tien Lin Trading Blk 87 Whampoa Drive #01-879). For old times sake, I bought a packet of durian biscuits which I haven't had in years. The friendly and chatty aunty was so kind to let us take photos as she recognised that there were not many of such shops around any more. She said I should ask my friends to visit her shop too, so I told her I would help her advertise about her shop on the internet. She looked very pleased at that :) So if you decide to head down, tell her you read about her on the internet. Please also help me say hi to her for me!
Sin Tien Lin Trading Blk 87 Whampoa Drive #01-879

Happy with my purchase
Today's out fit:
Purple button up dress from a shop in Far East
Belt that came free with a pair of pants
My most comfortable shoes :) You can't see in the picture, but it has tiny orange hearts on them

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