Day 16: Reading Class for 5 year olds

I take about 1.5hrs to get from my office to Teban Gardens for my reading class (if i cant get a ride), and a little over an hour to get home after. I take the class for just an hour.
In that hour the 5year olds cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes and oscillate between fighting for attention and disappearing into their dream world.
So what keeps me doing this crazy thing week after week?
It is the amazement at God's work of creation and His sovereign plan for each one of the children as I see them learn and develop.
It is the joy in being given the privilege of being part of this work that God is doing in their lives.
It is the recognition that I've been blessed beyond measure and the hope that they will come to know His love as well.
It is the grace of God alone.

I do this once a week for just an hour. But teachers do this everyday, plus marking, extra classes, admin work, co-curricular activities, counseling, the list goes on. You guys are amazing, and I hope that in the midst of it all, you do not lose sight of the bigger picture of God's perfect plan for each one (you included).

This is a horrible pic of me, but it shows the kids and their various stages of attention perfectly. Today's outfit is a purple tank top from years ago and a hand-me-down pleated black skirt. 

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