Day 20: The Kurta

When Mr Kwek and I were still in university we decided to take on Summer internships overseas. I trooped off to China, while he ventured into India.

We were both blessed with meeting awesome people that summer. 

I had a major housing crisis in China, and several people amazingly opened their houses to me, without even knowing me. They heard someone had no place to stay, and they swung their doors open wide to me and took me in like a little sister. 

Mr Kwek on the other hand met a great boss while in India who took him out and treated him like family. Several years later, when Mr Kwek was back in India for a work trip, he met up with this boss again. This time, his boss even bought a gift for him to bring back to me. And I have never met him before. That gift is what I decided to wear today- my kurta.
God's provision and the kindness of these people are truly amazing.

Today's outfit:
Kurta top, a gift from India
Denim shorts I have owned since secondary school
Weekend sandals from Bata

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