Day 14: The Weekly Round Up

Today's outfit is simple. A purple dress I got from a flea market.

And here's the weekly round up:

It has been 14 days since this Different Outfit Everyday challenge started. Here are some of my observations so far:

1. I'm no fashionista. My wardrobe consists mainly of simple dresses and a few other basic pieces. I don't even accessorize beyond earrings. 
2. I'm no model. Posing for my daily outfit photos have been my least favorite part of this challenge. I always feel a little awkward standing in front of the camera.
3. My style has not changed for many years. I still wear some clothes that I wore when I was 16.
4. I have more than enough. I am greatly blessed to have so much.

I was at EXPO today to check out a home furnishing fair and the Robinsons sale was happening at the hall next door, so I trotted in to check it out. Temptations were everywhere! There were several good quality dresses going for cheap. But as I contemplated bringing them to the cashier, I thought of the many other clothes that I still had back home. Then I realized, I have more than enough. Since i would have been willing to spend that money on dresses i didn't need, i thought of what else the money could go to. And I remembered the lesson we learnt at church today about remembering the poor. So that's what I will do in the week ahead: remembering the poor in practical ways with the money I would have spent.

This challenge is doing me some good after all.

I hope we all try to bless others this week, just as we have been abundantly blessed :)

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