Day 21: The Wedding Inspiration

Those who attended our wedding in August last year would have remembered that it was a green wedding. Everything from our invitation cards, decorations, desserts and even my bouquet was a lovely apple green. We also tried to make it "green" in the sense of having little waste. Everything could either be recycled, reused, or brought home by the guests.
Many people thought the theme for our wedding had something to do with my climate change job, but well, not really. It was actually inspired by my dress, which was today's outfit. And of course it was because apple green is my favourite colour and I don't like waste.
Here's today's outfit:
Green and white dress from a flea market.

For those who were unable to be there, here are some pictures of the lovely green items at our wedding.
We are deeply grateful to our awesome friends who managed to put all this together. 

Have a green week everyone :)

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