Bad Hair Day

With some time to kill at NEX shopping mall today, I decided to pop into the Sunsilk pop up salon for their 5min hair makeover.

It wasn't the best idea I've had. I think it wasn't the best idea Sunsilk had either.

Firstly, it was not 5 mins. I waited for about 20min for my turn and sat in the chair for at least another 15. The stylist seemed to be working in slow motion as she cleaned her hands with wet wipes after each time she applied mouse on my hair.

Secondly, she did not seem to know what to do as she stared at my hair for a pretty long time, then clipped sections up, then took out the clips and stared again. In the end i had to give her suggestions on what to do with my hair. I also kinda feel for Sunsilk as the stylist did not tell me anything about the products and in fact, the most used product was not a Sunsilk product.

Thirdly, the space was tight and warm so it did not make for a very comfortable experience.

Finally, the outcome was not pretty. The curls were clumped together in really odd angles. And I think it aged me drastically.

Now dear Sunsilk, pop up stores are all the rage right now. It may have been a good idea, but the execution was poor. I'm actually using your shampoo now, but this experience may just have turned me off. Try harder next time?

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