Day 5: Casual Friday- Sew Happy!

How you get clothes that no one else has? Sew it yourself of course!
About 2 years ago, I took some dressmaking classes at a community centre which taught me the basics of sewing, and I've been sewing some of my own clothes ever since. People often ask me why I don't make clothes for sale. Simply because sewing is hard work. Or at least i haven't reached the Project Runway standard of whipping up several runway worth pieces in a day. So for now, I am content with sewing one off pieces for myself:)

Here is today's outfit:
Skirt from Gan Ann's sewing room
Basic white tank top and salmon pink cardigan 
Leather belt a hand-me-down from my mom
Grey ballet flats from Bangkok 
Brown leather bag from sungei road thieves market 
I almost never buy skirts anymore, unless they are part of a work suit, as skirts are the easiest things to sew! Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial for the skirt from today's outfit. 

Incidentally, the newspaper today carried a story on how sewing is coming back in vogue among the young. Check out the Life! section. They have also listed some classes that you can take. 

The weekend is finally here! Happy weekend everyone! 

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