Day 3: hand-me-downs

Hand-me-downs are stuff that others have no need for anymore that have been passed down to me.
I have never had an issue with wearing hand-me-downs. Why create more waste in the world? Plus it's easy on the wallet. :)
I guess this was instilled in my from a young age. Growing up, I used to get many hand-me-downs from family and my parent's friends who had kids a little older than me. They never seemed any different from the stuff I got straight from the store.
Till today, some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are hand-me-downs. Today's outfit is made up of them:
Printed blue dress from a former colleague
Braided Cream scarf which used to belong to my mom
Silver flats (which weren't caught in the pic) from a sales rack in Berlin (only 3euros!)

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