Day 25: Sew Happy: Button Up Top

Here's today's outfit:
White sleeveless button up top from Gan Ann's sewing room
Blue pleated skirt from a flea market

I'm surprised at how hard it is to find simple well made clothes at reasonable prices. It seems clothes with bells and whistles are so much easier to find and cheaper too. Can anyone explain this to me?

Anyway, I was finding it really hard to find a simple white button up that fit well and was not exorbitantly priced. Realizing my search was futile, I decided to sew one with the help of my sewing teacher last year. I was so pleased with the result, I made another one in pink. Unfortunately, the material I used for the pink shirt shrank after washing :( lesson learnt: wash your fabrics before sewing. Prevents such painful outcomes. Looking back, I appreciate how my sewing teacher made use learn the basic of drawing a pattern, then allowed each one of us to make whatever we felt like making. So we all ended up with stuff we actually would wear. I may have liked home economics a little more in secondary school if we sewed something I would actually wear instead of the hideous vest.  

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