Day 23 and 24: Preparing for War

It has been one of those weeks where I blinked and several days have passed. So I'm gonna have to put 2 outfits in one post. Mr Kwek also pointed out that both outfits look similar. Eeks!

Day 23 outfit: 
Black esprit top- a hand me down
Grey pants from bysi
Power leather heels from Itti and Otto

Day 24 outfit:
Black top from Chinatown
Brown skirt from Mexx. I love the pleated details on the back of the skirt!
Brown leather shoes 

Where did all my time go to this week? Mostly to preparations for my work trip where I'll be away for 17 days. I've spent my work days reading all the different documents, and my evenings trying to pack and put all other things in order such as getting my hair cut and paying my bills. Every time I go for one of these trips, I feel like I'm preparing for war. Yes, I get overly dramatic at times. But only just a little. 

Recently, I've found that going on these extended work trips are becoming increasingly difficult. Especially after I got married. I can only imagine the sacrifices of those who travel more frequently and/or have have kids waiting for them at home. Tough. 

On a lighter note, I'm hoping I packed a sufficient variety of clothes so that I can keep up my different outfit everyday challenge. Hope you guys are having a good week so far.

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