Day 22: Conversations

I happened to talk to 2 ladies originally from China today. One was a cleaner in my office, and the other, a facial therapist.
Both have lived and worked in singapore for many years and built lives for themselves here. One even had obtained citizenship and had 2 children here.
Both spoke of the difficulties faced in moving to a different land seeking better opportunities and lives for their families. Limitations in job prospects, high cost of living, language difficulties.
And just like anyone who has lived overseas, they spoke of missing food from home.
I really enjoy such conversations with people from totally different backgrounds from me. I always go away with a sense of how incredibly different we are and yet we are all the same. Reminds of the time I was talking to a lady from Lebanon, a man from Ghana and a man from Vietnam, and how we all knew Gangnam style :) but that's another story for another time.

Today's outfit has nothing to do with these conversations but here it is:
Black cardigan worn over a black n white dress from Bangkok

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