Don't be a Stranger

This week, my path crossed with some people I used to know. Some former colleagues and old schoolmates. Some of them were people I used to call friends, but our paths somehow diverged as we each wandered into our own forests of life.

Each chance meeting brought back memories of the experiences shared. The long dreary days at school, the commiseration at work and bosses, the talks filled with our youthful dreams, the salt water in our hair and sun on our cheeks.

The brief chats in the moments out paths met again were precious, seeing how lives have changed since the last intersection, and leaving me with thoughts of where your paths may have brought you. 

I hope it's not too long before we meet again. And maybe next time, it wont just be an intersection.

And if our paths have crossed at some point in time, if even for a moment. And you remember that time with fondness. Well, don't be a stranger.

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