Day 10: The Little Nonya

I've always had a fascination with traditional clothes. I loved the special days in school and Oldham Hall where we were encouraged to wear them in celebration of the different cultures.
I even wore a sari to my Junior College prom. Thanks to that, I do not look back at my photos and wonder "what was I thinking?!" That's the beauty of traditional clothes. They not only bring back the nostalgia of a lost era, but also remain timelessly fashionable. Today, I own several cheongsams, a sari, a kebaya, and several batik pieces. I mostly only take them out during special occasions like weddings and the lunar new year. But today as I thought about how to jazz up my plain charcoal shift dress, an idea struck me. Mix it up with a kebaya top! Why didn't I think of that any sooner? So here it is:
Kebaya top from a stall at Chinatown
Charcoal shift dress from City Plaza
Purple suede shoes from Berlin

Thank God today was a much better day than the last few days :) I was not angsty at all today!

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