Encouragement Unlikely Places

Sometimes, God knows that we all just need a little encouragement.

Yesterday, He sent it in the form of a little boy in my English reading class who whispered, "this game is very fun." 

Coming from the boy who used to cry and refuse to enter the classroom, and who is usually silent or mutters barely audibly when compelled, this unsolicited affirmation spoke volumes.

The stress of teaching these 5 year olds melted away with 5 words and a cheeky grin.

Just the night before, I was at a loss, trying to come up with an interesting programme to help the class revise over a hundred new words while knowing there would be two new children who would be joining the class. With another work saga at the back of my mind, I was fighting a losing battle on my own. So I did what I could, said a prayer, committed it all to God and went to sleep. Having inspiration for the programme when I was already running late after a frustrating day at work, and seeing how the kids enjoyed learning, it was clear. It can only be the Lord's grace.

So 5 simple words whispered by a 5 year old changed my day and pointed me to God. I am challenged to be that encouragement to others today. Won't you join me too?

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