How Far Can A Wedding Gown Go

Slightly over 2 years ago, Mr Kwek and I were married. Eschewing the regular route of renting a gown from a bridal studio (which would have cost me at least $1000, and I would be sharing the gown several other people), or getting my gown done by a wedding gown designer (which would have cost me at least $3000), I got my gown done by a dressmaker which cost me a grand total of $500. That was the perfect route for me as I knew what I wanted the gown to look like (simple circle skirt, no bling, good quality lace and no tube), which was impossible to find at the bridal studios and well, I'm a self-confessed cheapo and control-freak. Having a dressmaker make my gown meant that I shaved off a huge amount of costs and had control over everything- from the details of the design, to the material used. This was the result and I love it to bits.

One specific instruction that I gave the dressmaker was for her to save all the leftover fabric for me. So with the leftover lace and some tulle, I made my own veil.
Couldn't really find a picture which showed the veil well
 I still had a significant amount of satin fabric left so at the beginning of this year, much of it went to creating the base of my sofa covers which you can read more about here

And with the last bit of leftover satin from the gown, several youtube tutorials, months of procrastination, too many sewing short cuts and much struggling with tulle, my tutu skirt was born. Sew Happy!
This picture does not do justice to the real poufiness of the skirt, but at least I look pretty here
While I am unlikely to wear my awesome wedding gown again any time soon, I get to wear a mini version from time to time. 

Looking back, getting my gown done by a dressmaker was probably one of the best wedding decisions I made :) 

So how far can a wedding gown go? Pretty far, I'd say, with a little sewing skills.

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