Day 144: Vintage Shopping

Over the weekend, Mr Kwek and I went vintage shopping for our new home at Wee's Collection. Based in his home along Changi Road (very close to the famous Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup), David (who is a fellow SMU alumni) has a amazing collection of vintage items. Entering his house felt like stepping into a different era.
Mr Kwek and I in a room overflowing with vintage charm
 He had everything from old peranakan tiles, to old signboards and home appliances.
Items from before my time.

And there were these icons of life growing up in Singapore in the 80s.

The provision store cash register
I had always wanted this Mickey Mouse phone as a kid and there's even a photo of 4 year old me standing with my cousin's Mickey Mouse phone

Everyone had Vicks rubbed on them when they were ill right?
 I fell in love with the mosaic tiles on his floor.
Mr Kwek and I are still thinking about how to incorporate some of the items into our new place. But if you are looking for anything old school or vintage, Wee's Collection is the place. And David is incredibly friendly and passionate about what he does, which makes for a great vintage shopping experience. I heard he does rentals too (for those of you who work with events).

Filling our new home with goodness is so exciting. If any of you have vintage stuff to give away, Mr Kwek and I are accepting donations :)

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