Day 147: Reno Diaries

The public holiday was the perfect time to catch up on all the things we had to do for our Kwek Kampong renovation. 

First stop was to check on the state of the renovations. It still looks a mess to me, but the contractor says it the tiling will be done by this week. 

Then it was off to the contractor's showroom to talk about my cabinets, and doors. 

We took a journey to the west in search of Kong Thai Hardware Store which was reported to sell the cheapest home appliances in singapore. The reports were true! We got our heaters at $50 cheaper each than the cheapest store we had found so far. We our ceiling fans and stove there too! The savings was well worth the journey. N they were doing a thriving business as the shop was constantly crowded with people.

Last stop was getting our Johnson Suisse toilet fittings. Comparing the prices from my contractor's supplier and our own sources (renotalk recommendations), I think my contractor was getting a huge cut. Grrrr... Note to all: do your homework! The contractor may not b getting you the best deal. 

Our home is taking shape. We are soooo excited! I'm already planning housewarming parties in my head! 

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