Days 77 and 78: Racial Harmony Day

21 July is Racial Harmony Day in Singapore.

It is a day that was introduced in Singapore schools to commemorate the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots in Singapore, reflect on and celebrate the racially  diverse yet harmonious society that we enjoy, and promote inter-racial understanding.

To celebrate racial harmony day, I wore traditional ethnic outfits on Sunday and I got my colleagues to wear ethnic clothes on Monday too! I wish we all wore our ethnic outfits more often. Not only does it remind us of our roots, it also brightens up a dull day.

Share with me your pics of you in ethnic outfits!
Kathy in her Chinese Silk top, and me in my Vietnamese sleeveless Ao Dai top with purple leggings 

Colleagues in their ethnic best all the major races were represented. From right: Me in my Malay outfit of a Kebaya top, black tank top and baju kurung skirt, Angie in her Indian tunic, Wan Jean in her cheongsam inspired dress, Joyce in her Ah Ma (Chinese maid) outfit, Candy and Wei Mei in their modern cheongsams

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