Day 76: Bag of Goodies, Passing It On

Just as I was scrapping the bottom of my closet for new outfits, reinforcements arrived.  A friend of mine moved back from the US recently and she was giving away clothes that she had accumulated over the years that could not fit back into the little flats in Singapore. So I got the chance to dig through her huge bags of clothes and I went away with a trash bag full of goodies! There were so many beautiful pieces, and even an gorgeous evening gown. I can't wait to wear them.

With a fabulous new in-flow, I'm passing the goodness on too! I'm thinking of hosting a clothes swap, or just giving some of the pretty stuff I hardly wear any more to others who will love them. Anyone interested?

The yellow shorts from the outfit of the day came from the bag of goodies, paired with my starry tank top from Anchor Point and rag shoes from Beijing. Cheery clothes for a cheery Saturday.

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