Day 75: Hari Raya Pasar Malam

Ramadan- the month when our Muslim friends fast from dawn till sunset. 

It's also the time when a sprawling night market or pasar malam is set up in the Geylang Serai area. 

I always love visiting the pasar malam during this time as there is a buzz of excitement about it every night as our Muslim friends go about purchasing all that is needed for the Hari Raya celebrations like buying new decorations and even furniture for the home. 
There is also the pretty clothes on display as they buy news clothes for Hari Raya. I really appreciate how they have such a wide array of clothes that are conservative yet immensely feminine and beautiful.
While I did not buy anything that night, it was such fun browsing through the many bright and colourful stores filled to the brim with beautiful things.
Outfit of the day: white tank top, striped skirt a hand me down, leather satchel from the karanguni guni uncle, and white loafers from Scotland 

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