Day 70: Pasarbella

We went to checkout PasarBella on Sunday. Decorated in a rustic homely feel, the place was lovely.
Outfit of the day: Printed dress from JB. Unfortunately, you can't see it clearly here.
At 3pm, the place was still filled with people milling about looking at all the food on sale. The food all looked good and tasted decent, but it was a tad expensive, especially since it was like a food court concept where you had to find your own seats, queue up at the stalls and jostle back to your seats with your food. They didn't even have trays so I had to call for reinforcements when my food was ready.
Paella- $13 for a box

Oysters for $3 each
Touted as Singapore's "farmers market", I was disappointed. By definition, a farmers market is a place where food is sold directly by farmers to consumers. It is meant to cut out the middle man and all the time wasted in transporting and processing food so that consumers can enjoy fresher, better quality food and farmers can enjoy greater profits and immediate feedback. However, almost everything at PasarBella was imported and there were no farmers in sight. Furthermore, it seemed to focus on cooked food instead of fresh groceries (there was a grand total of 1 fruits stall). A number of the food stalls set up there are chain stores also have other outlets in more accessible areas in Singapore e.g. Da Paolo, SaladStop! and Hubers.

Overall, beyond the decor and atmosphere, I was not very impressed. Maybe they should just stop touting it as a farmers' market or grocery shopping destination. Because it definitely isn't. But if you are looking for a place with a homely atmosphere and a cluster of nice food places for a weekend meetup with your friends (and all your friends drive), you can consider PasarBella. Otherwise, it's not quite worth the journey.

If you are looking for a more authentic "farmers' market" experience in Singapore you can check out these places instead. 

They are quite far out, but they do sell fresh produce straight from the source. Pretty good for a day out. Some even have farm tours which are very educational. If anyone is interested in going let me know. We can do a weekend trip together. 

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