Day 71: I *Heart* Leather

I'm a big fan of leather. The 100% genuine cow's hide kind of leather. Why? Because such items are incredibly strong, stand the test of time, and age immensely well. So even though leather products are usually many times more expensive than their faux leather cousins, I believe they are worth every cent. Or you can be a cheapo like me and buy leather stuff from flea markets. Who needs a Louis Vuitton when you have a fabulous full leather satchel for under $10?
I get my leather wisdom from my mom. When I first started work, she bought me this pair of leather shoes. While it was still under $100, it was the single most expensive item I acquired for work wear. Today, it is the only pair of office shoes that has lasted for so many years. I have worked my way through countless ballet flats and cheapo faux leather heels, but this pair, I have only had to replace the worn out soles. 
I have also had the privilege of inheriting some of my mom's fabulous leather pieces like her thick leather waist belt which I wear whenever I need definition in an outfit, and some of her leather bags. I hope one day to see my daughter (if I'm ever blessed with one) to be carrying/using my leather items too. 
Outfit of the day: $2 polkadot shift dress from Bangkok, pink cardigan and leather shoes

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