Day 69: National Day Parade Preview

Singapore's National Day is 9th August. But I got to enjoy the parade a little earlier as my friend Jolene managed to score a pair of tickets and invited me along. Thanks Jolene! It was a blast!
Best seats in the house
The parade this year was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform so it was a cosier setting. Our tickets were for the best section of the grandstand (the President's "throne" was just next to us) and we were so close to the front that we could see the faces of the MCs. We were soooooo pleased. The parade seemed more like a musical than the usual parade with brilliant original songs interspersed throughout the show even during the march past. The additional touches such as the kachang puteh men and pop quiz segments of the programme were also great crowd-pleasers. 

The usual military parade had a terrorist attack simulation. I felt like I was in counterstrike.

The cute kids stole the show

The NS boy next to us guarding the "throne"

I don't know why, but the flag fly past makes my heart swell with pride to be a Singaporean.

As the night enveloped us, the light sticks came up. Isn't the flyer lovely in the background?

Almost like a rock concert

Taking the pledge together. It has been awhile since I did this.

Time to head home!
Today's outfit (very unglam): Red tank top (in line with our national colours), denim shorts, and NDP fun pack.

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